Mina and Celentano, the complete collection is released: “Friends as we were when we were kids”

Mina and Celentano the complete collection is released Friends as

You look at the photos in the CD booklet and you don’t find one in which even a vague ghost of inertia could emerge: they smile, they look for each other in physical contact, they observe each other closely, because a recording studio is the history of confined spaces, and there is never a real … Read more

FRIENDS OF MARIA DE FILIPPI: THE SUMMARY OF THE tenth episode. Simone in the balance, Maria blurts out with LDA and Albe


Friends of Maria De Filippi summary tenth episode of the afternoon. Maria De Filippi enters the studio with a cake full of candles for Alessandra Celentano with the inscription 55.000 BC above it is in fact the birthday of the dance teacher. After Celentano’s speech, the performances begin and we leave with the dancer Mattia … Read more

Max Pezzali, his wife Debora Pelamatti: «The friend’s rule? It didn’t work for me “

Max Pezzali his wife Debora Pelamatti The friends rule It

Debora Pelamatti, wife of Max Pezzali: «The friend’s rule? It didn’t work for me. ‘ The couple lives in Pavia, the singer-songwriter’s hometown, in a country house and before falling in love Debora and Max were friends for a long time. Read also> Sanremo youth 2021: the new logo unveiled. Hearings starting next week Married … Read more

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