SICK LUKE tells X2: “Trap and indie have played a great role in recent years. Now, we are slowly combining these two genres”

SICK LUKE tells X2 Trap and indie have played a

Sick Luke released his highly anticipated first album on January 7th X2 with the label Carousel Records and distributed by Virgin/Universal.The record is out on CD, vinyl and on all digital platforms. X2 was anticipated by the single The witch of the orchard, featuring chiello e Madame. Now in radio rotation there is the single … Read more

Present at 97.1 FM RDI Jakarta, Cita Citata: Don’t Divide Music Genres! : Okezone Celebrity

Present at 971 FM RDI Jakarta Cita Citata Dont Divide

JAKARTA– Singer Quote Cited took the time to visit 97.1 FM RDI Jakarta to promote his new single, titled Tak Perfect. Interestingly, the new single by Cita Citata is of the pop genre. In the interview session hosted by Kong Jaing and Aina Titta, he shared that the song “Imperfect” is about a person with … Read more

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