The true story of romance in ‘Harry Potter’ that filled the set with drama and betrayals

The true story of romance in Harry Potter that filled

With the long-awaited Harry Potter reunion, many of us have seen the complete saga again and perhaps now we notice things that as children went completely unnoticed, such as the Harry Potter actors who were a couple. And is that while much has been said about whether Ron and Hermione should never have ended up … Read more

Tom Felton may have starred in the ‘Harry Potter’ saga

Tom Felton may have starred in the Harry Potter saga

Tom Felton. Foto: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images There are some characters that you can’t imagine being played by anyone other than the actors who starred in them and ‘Harry Potter’ could have looked very different. Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in the series, actually was considered to play the lead role which ultimately … Read more

Harry Potter, 20 years in the cinema: the planetary success of a world of magic

Harry Potter 20 years in the cinema the planetary success

Twenty years of looking up playing quidditch on flying broomsticks among the gothic rooftops, as many to try at King’s Cross station in London to get on the Express for Hogwarts and to be excluded because unfortunately we are muggles that is not magical but we try the same, twenty years to have in the … Read more

Harry Potter and other great stories starring wizards and witches

Harry Potter and other great stories starring wizards and witches

Twenty years have passed since the first film in the Harry Potter franchise hit theaters. Based on the novels by British writer JK Rowling, it was screened for the first time at the London premiere on November 4, 2001 (according to the specialized site IMDB). In Mexico, it was not until November 23 that it … Read more

11 Advent calendars for children: LEGO, Harry Potter, Funko, Playmobil, Fornite …

11 Advent calendars for children LEGO Harry Potter Funko Playmobil

December is the favorite month of the year for many. Christmas is approaching and, with it, the reunion with our friends and family around a table full of great dishes and sweets. To warm up your engines, it is a Christmas classic to give the little ones the famous Advent calendars, which keep 24 small … Read more

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