Internet : les Etats-Unis rassemblent 55 pays dans une coalition contre la « montée de l’autoritarisme numérique »

Internet les Etats Unis rassemblent 55 pays dans une coalition contre la

Les Etats-Unis ont annoncé, jeudi 28 avril, la formation d’une coalition visant à soutenir un Internet « ouvert, libre, mondial, interopérable, fiable et sûr ». Cinquante-six pays ont souscrit à ce partenariat, dont la plupart des grandes démocraties du monde, à l’exception de l’Inde, de l’Afrique du Sud et du Brésil. L’accord a été formalisé lors d’une réunion … Read more

Existing infrastructure will be unable to support future demand for high-speed internet

Journal Reference: Ergin Dinc, Syed Sheheryar Bukhari, Anas Al Rawi, Eloy de Lera Acedo. Investigating the upper bound of high-frequency electromagnetic waves on unshielded twisted copper pairs. Nature Communications, 2022; 13 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-29631-8 The researchers, from the University of Cambridge and BT, have established the maximum speed at which data can be transmitted through … Read more

Why SpaceX Starlink Isn’t Used for Rural High Speed Internet Roll Outs by Canada | iPhone in Canada Blog

Why SpaceX Starlink Isnt Used for Rural High Speed Internet.svg

The federal government continues to announce spending for rolling out high speed internet to all Canadians, including those in rural areas. A recent announcement detailed the joint federal and provincial investments for high speed internet in Ontario, which included some high costs for installing fibre to rural areas up north. Some may be wondering why … Read more

Deciphering algorithms used by ants and the Internet

Journal Reference: Jonathan Y. Suen, Saket Navlakha. A feedback control principle common to several biological and engineered systems. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 2022; 19 (188) DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2021.0711 Engineers sometimes turn to nature for inspiration. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Associate Professor Saket Navlakha and research scientist Jonathan Suen found that adjustment algorithms — the … Read more

15 millones de likes en menos de un día. Kendall Jenner rompe internet con su nueva sesión de fotos

15 millones de likes en menos de un dia Kendall

La modelo Kendall Jenner, miembro del famoso clan Kardashian-Jenner, protagonizó la nueva portada de la revista ‘ID’, que ha causado furor en las redes sociales por los diversos cambios de look de la modelo y por los atuendos elegidos para posar frente al lente de la cámara. La super estrella de las pasarelas internacionales, publicó … Read more

Tonga nach Vulkan-Ausbruch ohne Internet: Kann SpaceX mit Starlink-Satelliten helfen?

Tonga nach Vulkan Ausbruch ohne Internet Kann SpaceX mit Starlink Satelliten helfen

Seit dem Vulkanausbruch mit anschließendem Tsunami auf Tonga Mitte Januar ist der südpazifische Inselstaat ohne Internet-Verbindungen – voraussichtlich einen Monat lang, wie es vergangene Woche dazu hieß. Das hört sich nach einem Fall für Elon Musk an, der zum Beispiel nach den Überflutungen in Deutschland im Juli 2021 Tesla-Supercharger kostenlos machte und Starlink-Terminals für Internet … Read more

Marketing of data: “With a billion Internet users, China would see itself outweighing the Americans”

Marketing of data With a billion Internet users China would

On November 25, a special kind of stock exchange opened in Shanghai. We do not exchange actions, but data. Telecoms operators, an airline, an e-commerce giant, an electricity supplier, a bank, a geolocation application… About twenty companies have, from day one, put their data on this market. About a hundred companies are in the loop, … Read more

Brazil is negotiating with SpaceX to bring Starlink internet to the Amazon

Brazil is negotiating with SpaceX to bring Starlink internet to

The Brazilian authorities and SpaceX boss Elon Musk are negotiating an agreement under which the US space and telecommunications company will provide satellite internet in the Amazon rainforest and help uncover illegal deforestation. The Brazilian government announced this week. Brazil’s Communications Minister Fábio Faria discussed a possible partnership with the Musk on Monday in Austin, … Read more

In Sudan, military power restores internet connection, cut off since coup

In Sudan military power restores internet connection cut off since

Anti-Putsch demonstrators in the streets of Khartoum (Sudan), November 17, 2021, the most deadly day of mobilization with at least fifteen demonstrators killed. MARWAN ALI / AP In the aftermath of the bloodiest day of mobilization that Sudan has known since the coup of October 25, the new military power restored, Thursday, November 18, the … Read more

4 apps to listen to podcasts on your smartphone, even without internet

4 apps to listen to podcasts on your smartphone even

short Music Non Stop no Facebook The habit of following podcasts has become increasingly common among Brazilians. But what do you do to listen to a podcast when you don’t have quality internet all the time? This situation is more common than it sounds. People who spend a lot of time in transit, for example, … Read more

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