Détenue pendant six ans en Iran, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe a payé une dette qui n’était pas la sienne

Detenue pendant six ans en Iran Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe a paye

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe et son époux, Richard, lors d’une conférence de presse à Londres, le 21 mars 2022. WPA ROTA / KCS PRESSE C’est une histoire d’amour et de résilience, une histoire triste avec un happy end, qui a momentanément distrait les Britanniques de la guerre en Ukraine et de l’inflation. Le 17 mars, après six années de cruelle … Read more

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, l’Irano-Britannique retenue en Iran depuis 2016, regagne le Royaume-Uni

Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe lIrano Britannique retenue en Iran depuis 2016 regagne le Royaume Uni

Portrait de Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe en route pour le Royaume-Uni. NAZANIN ZAGHARI-RATCLIFFE / AP L’Irano-Britannique Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, retenue depuis 2016 en Iran, où elle avait été condamnée pour sédition, ce qu’elle a toujours nié, est sur le chemin du retour pour le Royaume-Uni, a annoncé mercredi 16 mars une députée britannique. « Nazanin est à l’aéroport de Téhéran et … Read more

“In Ukraine, Iran and off Taiwan, the possibility of war in 2022”

In Ukraine Iran and off Taiwan the possibility of war

Chronic. Europe, Asia, Middle East: in these three regions, the possibility of a war, as Michel Houellebecq would say, threatens the year 2022. May the insurance companies forgive us in advance, but, if necessary A ranking in order of greatest probability, we would conduct this overview of potential conflicts starting from the Ukraine, going to … Read more

Iran announces rocket launch amid nuclear talks

Iran announces rocket launch amid nuclear talks

A photo released by the Iranian Defense Ministry on December 30, 2021 of the Simorgh satellite rocket lift off, when it was launched at an undisclosed location in Iran. – / AFP The United States say “Concerned” by this advance. Iran said Thursday, December 30, to have launched into space a rocket carrying three space … Read more

In Iran, a Frenchman on hunger strike to protest against his conditions of detention

In Iran a Frenchman on hunger strike to protest against

An undated photo of Benjamin Brière, French detained in Iran since May 2020. – / AFP A Frenchman, Benjamin Brière, has been detained in Iran for over a year and a half for “espionage”. He has started a hunger strike to protest his conditions of detention, his family announced on Monday (December 27th). “Benjamin started … Read more

Preserving the Iran nuclear deal is a necessity

Preserving the Iran nuclear deal is a necessity

Editorial of the “World”. Each day that passes in Vienna brings additional pessimism about the negotiations undertaken to save a crucial agreement aimed at preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. The interminable negotiations which made it possible to reach the 2015 compromise (a freeze of the program in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions) … Read more

China, very interested negotiator of the Iran nuclear deal

China very interested negotiator of the Iran nuclear deal

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (left) during a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi (right), March 27, 2021 in Tehran. The two countries had signed a twenty-five-year strategic cooperation agreement that day. – / AFP While talks resume in Vienna (Austria), Monday, November 29, around Iranian nuclear power, China, signatory of the 2015 … Read more

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