Franco126: “I want to leave the scene to get back into the game”

Franco126 I want to leave the scene to get back

To leave the scene, to stay there. A play on words that suggests the title of Franco126’s new Ep, “Exit the scene”, preceded by the single “Fuoriprogramma”. The Roman artist, born Federico Bertollini, thirty years old, is one of the most dynamic exponents of the current musical scenario. From the beginnings, with the collective 126 … Read more

GF Vip, after the clash Delia reveals why she does not leave Alex: “I have to talk to Soleil”

GF Vip after the clash Delia reveals why she does

After the fight live at the Big Brother Vip last night between Delia Duran and her “husband” Alex Belli a storm broke out in the night. The Venezuelan model, who entered the house a week ago, said to herself disgusted by the actor’s behavior, to the point of threatening to leave him. Belli, last night, … Read more

SpaceX’s ‘Starlink’ satellites leave ‘disturbing’ marks on footage

SpaceXs Starlink satellites leave disturbing marks on footage

fromTanja Banner shut down In a study, researchers warn that the satellites in SpaceX’s “Starlink” constellation could disrupt the search for dangerous asteroids in the future. Frankfurt – Since billionaire Elon Musk’s private space company SpaceX launched the first “Starlink” satellites into orbit in May 2019, astronomers have been worried: They fear that the satellites … Read more

Five Movies Released in 2021 You Can’t Leave Behind

Five Movies Released in 2021 You Cant Leave Behind

short Music Non Stop no Facebook After 12 months it becomes a little difficult to remember all the films that were shown throughout the year. That’s why we leave here the tip of five movies released in 2021 that are unmissable. private desert trailer srcreenshot/Pandora Films Officer Daniel (Antonio Savoia) made a mistake and it … Read more

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