Beautiful Singer Kamaya Changes Religion, Love Story and Meeting with God Makes Goosebumps : Okezone Celebrity

Beautiful Singer Kamaya Changes Religion Love Story and Meeting with

SINGER beautiful Sylvia Damayanti alias Kamaya decided to convert from Islam to Christianity. He also shared the story of the first time he decided to convert. He also revealed how he first met Jesus and decided to convert. Unexpectedly he was baptized in the Jordan River, one of the historical places for Christians. Long story … Read more

Want to be a Love Bond Artist? Re-follow the Online Casting Ikatan Cinta Season 2 at Klaklik : Okezone Celebrity

Want to be a Love Bond Artist Re follow the Online

AFTER After successfully holding the Online Casting of Ikatan Cinta Season 1 which ended last June, now Klaklik, is again holding the second batch of online casting which is open to the public. Selected participants have the opportunity to act in the series Ikatan Cinta and contract with SMN (Star Media Nusantara), just look at … Read more

Synopsis of Bond of Love: Irvan Pratama Panic, Jessica Visits Andin’s house : Okezone Celebrity

Synopsis of Bond of Love Irvan Pratama Panic Jessica Visits

JAKARTA – Love Bond tonight, Denis Setiano has breathed his last before being able to tell about the rape case of Jessica Annabella that happened 7 years ago to Aldebaran. Before he died, Denis had admitted that he was not sure if he had raped Jessica. This suddenly made Aldebaran feel annoyed again because he … Read more

Exclusive! Watch Streaming Favorite Programs RCTI Love Bonds on Vision+ : Okezone Celebrity

Exclusive Watch Streaming Favorite Programs RCTI Love Bonds on Vision

JAKARTA – Who’s do not know Love Bond? Or Princess for Prince? Or other top RCTI programs. As an over the top (OTT) provider platform with the most complete local channels, lovers of these soap operas and other RCTI programs can watch them exclusively on Vision+. “Being a favorite local channel for the Indonesian people, … Read more

The Big Sick: An Inseparable Love: Top Reviews, Reviews, and Ratings | Tomatazos

The Big Sick An Inseparable Love Top Reviews Reviews and

If there is a genre that is apparently in decline within American cinema, it is the romantic comedy, since in recent years the offer of it has decreased considerably to the point where it rarely manages to achieve a box office success. Luckily for fans of the Judd Apatow genre (This Girl Is A Disaster … Read more

From Pengkolan Ojek Drivers, Bonds of Love to the World Upside Down Streaming here for free : Okezone Celebrity

From Pengkolan Ojek Drivers Bonds of Love to the World

SPECTACLE Soap operas have become the daily life of Indonesian people. Indonesian television channels mostly broadcast soap operas on a daily schedule. Like RCTI from day to night, there are rows of favorite soap operas, what are the titles? There are several excellent RCTI soap operas, among others: Pengkolan Motorcyclist The sitcom soap opera directed … Read more

10 things you didn’t know about the ‘Love Actually’ cast

10 things you didnt know about the Love Actually cast

Released in Spain on November 21, 2003, ‘Love Actually’ changed ‘ipso facto’ and forever the paradigm of Christmas movies, becoming a modern and unrepeatable classic. His scenes, how the stories are interspersed, the empathy we feel with the characters … The cast is precisely one of the strengths of ‘Love Actually’. its distribution It is … Read more

Shawn Mendes creates “hype” with ‘Summer Of Love’ and Camila Cabello responds

Shawn Mendes creates hype with Summer Of Love and Camila

The news jumped just a few days ago: Shawn Mendes was within our borders. The license plate of a car and, above all, an emoji with the Spanish flag, revealed that the Canadian artist was in Spain, although little else was known at that time of Shawn’s intentions in the country. It so happens that … Read more

With the theme of Black Love, here’s the story of Ghea Indrawari’s latest single entitled What do you think: Okezone Celebrity

With the theme of Black Love heres the story of

SOMETHING pride for a singer or musician to be able to spawn the work of his own handiwork. This is what is happening to a Ghea Indrawari who was first known as a singer, now Ghea is starting to dare to release her own creations. As if to repeat the success of the single Bucket … Read more

Katy Perry brings back Orlando Bloom’s favorite look and we love it!

This season we have witnessed look changes for all tastes: Michelle Salas has released her hair midi of the moment that all the celebrities of generation Z, from Evaluna to Billie Elilish; Selena Gomez has undergone up to three transformations since the end of the summer and now she also wears the cut midi trending … Read more

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