THE MOST LISTENED ARTISTS, ALBUMS AND SONGS ON SPOTIFY, WEEK 3: Noyz Narcos debuts first but Sick Luke holds out on the podium


Charts Spotify most streamed songs, albums and artists in week 3 of 2022. Sick Luke remains firmly on top in the tracks with Usual it seems while Noyz narcs debuted at # 3. In the albums Virus from Noyz manages to debut at # 1 while stopping at # 7 Universe’s Mara Sattei. Even among … Read more

Spotify’s Most Popular Artists, Albums & Songs, Week 2: Sick Luke First Everywhere & With All New Top 50 Songs

Spotifys Most Popular Artists Albums Songs Week 2 Sick

Charts Spotify most streamed songs, albums and artists in week 2 of 2022. Let’s start with the songs after Sick Luke places all 17 tracks of his debut album in the Top 50 and almost monopolizes the Top 10 occupying nine positions (he can resist only Marracash feat Ford). Sick Luke is obviously first also … Read more

Week 1 singles sales chart: Sick Luke takes all the podium in his debut week

Week 1 singles sales chart Sick Luke takes all the

Singles ranking FIMI week 2 of 2022. The first album of Sick Luke per Carousel Records, X2 (details here), and immediately conquers six positions in the Top 10 and 10 in the Top 20. Click on the continue below to discover the Top 50. SINGLE SALE RANKING WEEK 2 – 2022 SICK LUKE, THA SUPREME … Read more

SICK LUKE tells X2: “Trap and indie have played a great role in recent years. Now, we are slowly combining these two genres”

SICK LUKE tells X2 Trap and indie have played a

Sick Luke released his highly anticipated first album on January 7th X2 with the label Carousel Records and distributed by Virgin/Universal.The record is out on CD, vinyl and on all digital platforms. X2 was anticipated by the single The witch of the orchard, featuring chiello e Madame. Now in radio rotation there is the single … Read more

New Year’s Movies on Vision+: Chocolate Love Story to Luke: The Journey of an Altar Boy : Okezone Celebrity

New Years Movies on Vision Chocolate Love Story to Luke

JAKARTA – At the end of 2021, Vision+ is ready to provide various exciting shows to enliven your New Year’s event with those closest to you. Here are some recommendations for shows that can be watched on Vision+ this New Year’s Eve. For lovers of the romantic genre, there is FTV Chocolate Love Story with … Read more

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