The Peregrine lunar lander could be America’s first step back on the Moon since Apollo

The Peregrine lunar lander could be Americas first step back

Astrobotic has finally unveiled the flight model of its Peregrine lunar lander. The space-focused company revealed the lander on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. This is the model that will actually fly to the Moon later this year. Astrobotic is the first company in NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative to reveal its flight model. … Read more

Scientists connect the dots between Galilean moon, auroral emissions on Jupiter

Journal Reference: V. Hue, J. R. Szalay, T. K. Greathouse, B. Bonfond, S. Kotsiaros, C. K. Louis, A. H. Sulaiman, G. Clark, F. Allegrini, G. R. Gladstone, C. Paranicas, M. H. Versteeg, A. Mura, A. Moirano, D. J. Gershman, S. J. Bolton, J. E. P. Connerney, M. W. Davis, R. W. Ebert, J.‐C. Gérard, R. … Read more

It’s time for the NASA Artemis I moon mission’s big test

Its time for the NASA Artemis I moon missions big

The 322-foot-tall (98-meter-tall) Artemis I rocket stack, including NASA’s mega Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft, will begin the wet dress rehearsal Friday afternoon at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The test is expected to last through Sunday. The results will determine when the uncrewed Artemis I will launch on a mission that goes beyond … Read more

Bob Dylan, Avatar y todos los easter eggs que nos dejó el 1er episodio de Moon Knight

Bob Dylan Avatar y todos los easter eggs que nos

El primer episodio de Moon Knight, el nuevo personaje de Marvel en el MCU, finalmente ha arribado a Disney+, y con él, muchas referencias que los más grandes fanáticos seguramente no se querrán perder. Te advertimos que algunos de estos easter eggs contienen spoilers sobre la serie, así que te recomendamos primero ver el capítulo … Read more

RECENZE: Lo Moon na vynikající desce “A Modern Life” nahlížejí na současný svět svou svébytnou optikou

RECENZE Lo Moon na vynikajici desce A Modern Life nahlizeji

Na album “A Modern Life” čtveřice Lo Moon jsme si museli počkat čtyři roky. Skupina se na něm odpoutala od konceptu bezejmenného debutu, a díky tomu natočila mnohem intenzivnější skladby. Pod taktovkou intuitivního vypravěče Matthewa Lowella bortí zaběhlé představy o světě okolo vás. “Loveless” – tak se jmenoval singl, který je v září 2016 vymrštil … Read more

The ‘Worm Moon’ In Photos: See Winter’s Third And Final Full Moon Light-Up Earth, Space And NASA’s ‘Moon Rocket’

The ‘Worm Moon In Photos See Winters Third And Final

The full “Worm Moon” rising in Cardiff, Wales on Friday, March 18, 2022. Jamie Carter Did you see the full “Worm Moon” this week? The third and final full Moon of winter, the “Worm Moon” comes just a few days before the vernal or northward equinox on Sunday, March 20, 2022, which signals the beginning … Read more

Rocket ‘HITS moon’ at 5,800mph but China denies responsibility for space junk

Rocket ‘HITS moon at 5800mph but China denies responsibility for

AN OUT-OF-CONTROL rocket part the size of a school bus has likely smashed into the Moon’s surface by now. According to astronomers, a rocket booster was set to hit the lunar surface at around 7.25am ET (12:25 GMT) after spending nearly eight years tumbling through space. It was likely the first time a manmade object … Read more

Full Moon stage na Colours Of Ostrava: od dialogu akustických kytar přes hutné noisové běsnění až k taneční elektronice

Full Moon stage na Colours Of Ostrava od dialogu akustickych

Festival Colours Of Ostrava odtajňuje další dávku jmen ze svého programu pro rok 2022, tentokrát půjde o kompletní sestavu alternativněji zaměřené Full Moon Stage. Tuto scénu již osmým rokem kurátoruje tým kolem magazínu Full Moon, jeho výběr spojuje snaha osvěžovat tradiční struktury a pohlížet na ně v jiných kontextech. Pestrá dramaturgie je žánrově rozpřažená od … Read more

LEGO rolls out Artemis toy sets ahead of new NASA moon missions

LEGO rolls out Artemis toy sets ahead of new NASA

March 2, 2022 — LEGO rolled out its version of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) on Tuesday (March 1), two weeks before the space agency was scheduled to do the same with the real moon-bound rocket. The toy company released the SLS and three other sets inspired by NASA’s Artemis program as part of an … Read more

Here’s what will happen when SpaceX rocket crashes into the moon

Heres what will happen when SpaceX rocket crashes into the

It’s not often that the sudden appearance of a new impact crater on the Moon can be predicted, but it’s going to happen on March 4, when a derelict SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will crash into it. The rocket launched in 2015, carrying Nasa’s Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) probe into a position 1.5 million kilometers from … Read more

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