Jared Leto’s Best Movies: From Fight Club to House of Gucci

Jared Letos Best Movies From Fight Club to House of

Jared Leto He is one of those actors who are willing to give everything for his characters, to transform their bodies and mental states, to stay in character even when they scream cut and go to extremes in order to give us more realism and credibility, and that has led him to star in big … Read more

Recommended Movies in December 2021, My Sassy Girl to the History of the Eiffel Tower: Okezone Celebrity

Recommended Movies in December 2021 My Sassy Girl to the

JAKARTA – Film My Sassy Girl back in Indonesia. The film, dubbed as one of the best Korean films of all time, is back for fans in Indonesia. Apart from that, there are also other Korean box offices, such as Escape From Mogadishu, and Pipeline which aired on KlikFilm. Then from within the country there … Read more

The Curse of La Llorona to Train to Busan, Watch These Horror Movies on Vision+ : Okezone Celebrity

The Curse of La Llorona to Train to Busan Watch

JAKARTA – With its full content, which not only provides video on demand (VOD), Vision+ also has a choice of watching TV channels ranging from local, international, to premium channels. Entering the weekend, there are several shows that Vision+ has prepared to fill your leisure time. “Vision+ as a streaming platform with complete content has … Read more

The 10 best Will Smith movies ranked from worst to best according to IMDb and where to watch them online

The 10 best Will Smith movies ranked from worst to

Will Smith He was born in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA) on September 25, 1968. Actor but also rapper and discographic producer. His versatility and the affection of the public led him to achieve success in both facets: He has been nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards already 2 Oscar Awards. But also, we highlight their 4 … Read more

In addition to Round. 6 Discover 5 Korean Movies You Need to Watch

Round 6 All the successes and all the dangers of

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Since joining the catalog of Netflix, the series Round 6 has caught the attention of viewers and aroused curiosity to discover other Korean productions. With an electrifying script, whose main motto is a survival game with a high cash prize, Round 6 introduced to thousands of people the originality … Read more

Scarlett Johansson: 10 Movies to Watch on Netflix, Amazon, Star + and HBO Max

Scarlett Johansson 10 Movies to Watch on Netflix Amazon Star

This Monday, November 22, actress Scarlett Johansson turns 37. The American interpreter began her career at an early age in the ’90s, achieving in 2000 the leap to fame and critical acclaim, appearing in various films. In that sense, he stood out in films such as Lost in Tokyo, Ghost World, The young woman with … Read more

Rosamund Pike’s best movies (for fans of The Wheel of Time)

Rosamund Pikes best movies for fans of The Wheel of

Die Another Day was the first job in the cinema of Rosamund Pike and from there everything was improving, until the actress became one of the greats of Hollywood and the protagonist, among other things, of one of the best psychological thrillers in history. Currently, Rosamund Pike appears as Moiraine in the Amazon Prime adaptation … Read more

Brazil is the 2nd country that most watches online movies and series in the world

Brazil is the 2nd country that most watches online movies

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Recently, in a survey conducted by Statista, JustWatch and CupomValido platforms, we won the silver medal among streaming users and consequently, in audiences in movies and series on these platforms. Pandemic Side Effects With the difficulties and sadness that the pandemic brought to the world, many sectors suffered, on … Read more

8 Recommended Movies That Bring Up the Sad Story of Sexual Harassment, Must Watch! : Okezone Celebrity

8 Recommended Movies That Bring Up the Sad Story of

SO few directors are interested in bringing up a sad story sexual harassment in the film. There are several titles that are recommended for you. Here are some films that are able to open the eyes of the audience that sexual harassment can happen anywhere and is experienced by anyone. Let’s see! 1. Hope (2013) … Read more

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