The reason Nagita Slavina gave birth to Caesar shocked, Netizens: Sultan doesn’t want to get sick! : Okezone Celebrity

The reason Nagita Slavina gave birth to Caesar shocked Netizens

RAFFI Ahmad and Nagita Slavina are happily waiting for the birth of their second child by caesarean section. He also revealed the reason and was quite surprising. Soon, Raffi’s wife is scheduled to give birth for her second child. Previously, they said that their child would be born at the end of November, then her … Read more

Raffi Ahmad’s wealth is abundant, this is the source of Nagita Slavina’s husband: Okezone Celebrity

Raffi Ahmads wealth is abundant this is the source of

RAFFI Ahmad is known as the richest artist in Indonesia. His wealth is also very abundant, with a source of income not only as an artist or presenter. Where are the sources of income for Nagita Slavina’s husband that always makes many people curious? Written Thursday (25/11/2021), here is the full review. YouTube Content Raffi … Read more

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