Accused of being a fraud, Clara Gopa Duo Semangka is angry and reports netizens to the police : Okezone Celebrity

Accused of being a fraud Clara Gopa Duo Semangka is

CLARA Gopa was angry because netizens accused him of being a fraud. Not staying silent, this dancer from Malang reported the netizen to the police. Clara reported netizens who insulted her from the Malang City Police on Friday (12/3/2021). Clara Gopa, accompanied by her attorney and manager, went to Mapolresta Malang. They immediately entered the … Read more

Many Cousins ​​Say Vanessa Wanted to Divorce from Aunt, Netizens are Angry: Okezone Celebrity

Many Cousins ​​Say Vanessa Wanted to Divorce from Aunt Netizens

JAKARTA– A woman named Tya who claims to be a cousin Vanessa Angel suddenly came into the spotlight. Not without reason, he suddenly revealed that the actress had wanted to separate from her husband, Aunt Ardiansyah. Vanessa Angel also said to want to take their son, Gala Sky out of their residence. In fact, Vanessa … Read more

The reason Nagita Slavina gave birth to Caesar shocked, Netizens: Sultan doesn’t want to get sick! : Okezone Celebrity

The reason Nagita Slavina gave birth to Caesar shocked Netizens

RAFFI Ahmad and Nagita Slavina are happily waiting for the birth of their second child by caesarean section. He also revealed the reason and was quite surprising. Soon, Raffi’s wife is scheduled to give birth for her second child. Previously, they said that their child would be born at the end of November, then her … Read more

3 Facts about Henny Rahman’s feud with Larissa Chou to Ria Ricis, Private Confession on IG Leaks Revealed by Netizens : Okezone Celebrity

3 Facts about Henny Rahmans feud with Larissa Chou to

USAI The uproar of the feud with Zikry Daulay and Larissa Chou, now Henny Rahman is back into a public conversation. In the past, he had a feud with Ria Ricis and now the issue has been brought up again. At that time, Henny, who was still the wife of Zikry Daulay, seemed jealous of … Read more

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