Jennifer Lopez confessed that she suffers from panic attacks

Jennifer Lopez confessed that she suffers from panic attacks

Jennifer Lopez is part of one of the current icons of music and acting, appearing successfully in both markets in recent years. And despite the fact that she has positioned herself as a woman with a strong presence in the world of entertainment, the artist commented that sometimes she does not feel completely safe, which … Read more

Miley Cyrus suffers a panic attack on stage: “It’s a terrifying situation”

Miley Cyrus suffers a panic attack on stage Its a

The coronavirus pandemic had a catastrophic effect on mental health, and many are still suffering from its consequences. The last artist affected was the American singer Miley Cyrus, who rose to fame in the series Hannah Montana and who was forced to stop her recent performance at Milwaukee’s Summerfest 2021 festival (Wisconsin, in the United … Read more

Synopsis of Bond of Love: Irvan Pratama Panic, Jessica Visits Andin’s house : Okezone Celebrity

Synopsis of Bond of Love Irvan Pratama Panic Jessica Visits

JAKARTA – Love Bond tonight, Denis Setiano has breathed his last before being able to tell about the rape case of Jessica Annabella that happened 7 years ago to Aldebaran. Before he died, Denis had admitted that he was not sure if he had raped Jessica. This suddenly made Aldebaran feel annoyed again because he … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love November 16, 2021: Irvan Panic When Mama Sarah Touches Jessica : Okezone Celebrity

Synopsis The Bond of Love November 16 2021 Irvan Panic

JAKARTA– Love Bond November 16, 2021 featuring Mama Sarah meeting with Al dam Irvan Pratama at the hospital. The meeting occurred because Sarah and Irvan’s mother was worried about the condition of Andin’s womb. When meeting with Al and Irvan, Sarah’s mother suddenly got a call from Elsa. Even Elsa begged him to find out … Read more

The story of gIANMARIA: from the first songs to X Factor fighting against panic attacks

The story of gIANMARIA from the first songs to X

gIANMARIA history. Today we deepen the knowledge on what is today considered the revelation artist of this edition of X Factor. The 19-year-old’s real name gIANMARIA And Gianmaria Volpato and is a Student from Vicenza (like Madame e Sangiovanni) who occasionally works in a pizzeria. Discographically, the boy released the singles All or nothing 2, … Read more

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