Bong Joon-ho, from director “vetoed” in South Korea to conquer Hollywood with “Parasite” – BBC News World

Bong Joon ho from director vetoed in South Korea to conquer

Drafting BBC News World February 10, 2020 image source, Reuters Caption, The movie “Parasite” garnered more Oscars than Bong Joon Ho ever dreamed of. Suddenly, the name of Bong Joon-ho is on the lips of movie lovers thanks to the historic triumph of Parasite (“Parasites”) at the 2020 Oscars: He took four awards, including best … Read more

The Spanish potatoes that became a phenomenon thanks to a cameo in “Parasite” – BBC News Mundo

The Spanish potatoes that became a phenomenon thanks to a

Drafting BBC News World 12 February 2020 image source, Bonilla’s Instagram in sight Caption, “Bonilla a la vista” is a brand of Spanish potato chips sold in an aluminum can and exported to 20 countries. “Parasite”, the South Korean film by director Bong Joon Ho that on Sunday became the first non-English film to win … Read more

Park So Dam, actress of the acclaimed film “Parasite”, was diagnosed with cancer

Park So Dam actress of the acclaimed film Parasite was

La actriz Park So-dam (Reuters) South Korean actress Park So Dam, who rose to fame at home and abroad thanks to the acclaimed Oscar-winning film “Parasite”, She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Park, 30, had a mass discovered during a regular medical checkup and underwent surgery, his agency, ArtistCompany, said in a statement sent to … Read more

Forbes 2020 Selection | 7 things you did not know about ‘Parasite’, the Best Picture of the Oscar 2020

Forbes 2020 Selection 7 things you did not know

‘Parasite’ has made history. The latest film from the South Korean director, Bong Joon-ho has conquered even the most specialized critics in the world of cinema for the excellent execution of the plot within the film that became the surprise of the Oscar taking home four of his six nominations: Best Film, Best International Film, … Read more

From Parasite to Legally Blonde: What are the Best Scripts of the 21st Century – La Tercera

From Parasite to Legally Blonde What are the Best Scripts

The 21st century is just taking its first steps but the impulse to prioritize, select and discuss that is always behind making a list tends to prevail. Now it is the turn of the Writers Guild of America (WGA for its acronym in English) and the revision that it proposes around the best 101 film … Read more

Domestic cats drive spread of Toxoplasma parasite to wildlife

Journal Reference: Amy G. Wilson, Scott Wilson, Niloofar Alavi, David R. Lapen. Human density is associated with the increased prevalence of a generalist zoonotic parasite in mammalian wildlife. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 2021; 288 (1961) DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2021.1724 The study — the first to analyze so many wildlife species over a global … Read more

A commonly found parasite could treat certain types of most cancers, say scientists

Journal Reference: Yu-Chao Zhu, Hany M Elsheikha, Jian-Hua Wang, Shuai Fang, Jun-Jun He, Xing-Quan Zhu, Jia Chen. Synergy between Toxoplasma gondii type I ΔGRA17 immunotherapy and PD-L1 checkpoint inhibition triggers the regression of targeted and distal tumors. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, 2021; 9 (11): e002970 DOI: 10.1136/jitc-2021-002970 The research, published today in the Journal … Read more

What is eaten in Korea and you can find in Parasite and The Squid Game

What is eaten in Korea and you can find in

The Squid Game and Parasite they are two of the largest audiovisual projects in recent years. Without a doubt, both the series of Netflix, which broke audience records around the world, as the Oscar-winning film, have put South Korea at the top of the industry. One of the elements less known to the West is … Read more

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