Show them the cash: Pay the vaccine-hesitant to get their COVID-19 shots

Journal Reference: Ganesh Iyer, Vivek Nandur, David Soberman. Vaccine hesitancy and monetary incentives. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 2022; 9 (1) DOI: 10.1057/s41599-022-01074-y At the time, that number was considered sufficient to confer herd immunity. With COVID-19 variants now proliferating globally, notions of herd immunity have changed. But the authors say their findings are still … Read more

Zebra finch males sing in dialects and females pay attention

Journal Reference: Daiping Wang, Wolfgang Forstmeier, Damien R. Farine, Adriana A. Maldonado-Chaparro, Katrin Martin, Yifan Pei, Gustavo Alarcón-Nieto, James A. Klarevas-Irby, Shouwen Ma, Lucy M. Aplin, Bart Kempenaers. Machine learning reveals cryptic dialects that explain mate choice in a songbird. Nature Communications, 2022; 13 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-28881-w To us, bird song may just sound pretty. … Read more

Upcycling plastic waste into more valuable materials could make recycling pay for itself

Journal Reference: Jack M. Payne, Muhammad Kamran, Matthew G. Davidson, Matthew D. Jones. Versatile Chemical Recycling Strategies: Value‐Added Chemicals from Polyester and Polycarbonate Waste. ChemSusChem, 2022; DOI: 10.1002/cssc.202200255 Plastic waste residing in either landfill or the natural environment currently outweighs all living biomass (4 Giga tonnes), culminating in one of the great environmental challenges of … Read more

Betty White: fans pay tribute to her on her 100th birthday, honoring her great passion

Betty White fans pay tribute to her on her 100th

On the last day of 2021, the legendary Betty White. The actress left this world just weeks after her 100th birthday. To celebrate the date, his fans created the #BettyWhiteChallenge (Betty White challenge). For this reason, on January 17, 2022 they honored the great love of the cast member of Golden girls: the animals. In … Read more

Ex-FARC ordered to pay 36 million dollars for the kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt

Ex FARC ordered to pay 36 million dollars for the kidnapping

Ingrid Betancourt, September 13, 2021. GABRIEL BOUYS / AFP The American justice condemned the former Colombian rebellion of the FARC to pay 36 million dollars (about 31.5 million euros) in compensation for the kidnapping of the Franco-Colombian Ingrid Betancourt between 2002 and 2008, according to the decision of in federal court in Pennsylvania on January … Read more

Take a peek at Lyodra Ginting’s hilarious story Forgot to pay for a meal at a restaurant : Okezone Celebrity

Take a peek at Lyodra Gintings hilarious story Forgot to

JAKARTA – Lyodra Margaretha Ginting or who is familiarly called Lyodra is an 18 year old singer from Medan, North Sumatra. Following the talent search event Indonesian Idol X, Lyodra managed to become the youngest winner in the history of Indonesian Idol. Since childhood Lyodra has received many awards, from within and even abroad. He … Read more

Adriana Volpe replies to Magalli after the sentence: “You don’t just pay a fine, you have been sentenced”

Adriana Volpe replies to Magalli after the sentence You dont

Adriana Volpe did not remain silent after the “conviction” by the Court of Milan for aggravated defamation a Giancarlo Magalli in relation to an interview released by the journalist in the magazine ‘Chi’ in November 2017. The presenter indulged in a vent after a sentence that – in any case – greatly reduces the demands … Read more

Help Pay Home Contracts to Drug Cases Vanessa, Aunt’s Father: Where is Doddy? : Okezone Celebrity

Help Pay Home Contracts to Drug Cases Vanessa Aunts Father

JAKARTA- Father Aunt Ardiansyah, Faisal opened his voice in the midst of the dispute over the inheritance rights of Vanessa Angel and her child. He then brought up the existence of Vanessa’s father, Doddy Sudrajat, during the actress’s difficult time. Faisal even revealed that all this time he had helped half of the rental price … Read more

Wife is often jealous, the reason Alvin Faiz doesn’t pay attention to his biological child? : Okezone Celebrity

Wife is often jealous the reason Alvin Faiz doesnt pay

JAKARTA – Connection Alvin Faiz and Larissa Chou heats up again. This time, Alvin’s behavior was shared by the Instagram account @timrumahcici, which is known as the account belonging to Larissa’s babysitter. Through Insta Story, the account said Henny Rahman, Alvin’s second wife, was jealous of Larissa’s existence. This made Zikri Daulay’s ex-wife forbid her … Read more

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