Flowers cost the most pesticides – the Netherlands sprays considerably less, yet the Netherlands would be under ‘blanket of poison’ – Foodlog

Flowers cost the most pesticides the Netherlands sprays considerably

Dutch farmers used five million kilos of crop protection products in 2020. That seems like a lot, but compared to 2016 there is a decrease of 11%. At that time, Dutch agriculture used a total of 5.6 million kilos of active substances. It reports that CBS. Since 2016, the dosage per hectare has decreased by … Read more

How to eat a poison butterfly

Journal Reference: Simon C. Groen, Noah K. Whiteman. Convergent evolution of cardiac-glycoside resistance in predators and parasites of milkweed herbivores. Current Biology, 2021; 31 (22): R1465 DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2021.10.025 In high enough concentrations, milkweed can kill a horse, or a human. To be able to eat this plant, monarchs evolved a set of unusual cellular mutations. … Read more

Diet As Poison or Health Promoting in Autoimmunity? – Food Pharmacy

Diet As Poison or Health Promoting in Autoimmunity – Food

Recently, Nordic Clinic organised a joint webinar together with Food Pharmacy on the theme autoimmunity. We are so happy that a big bunch of Food Pharmacy’s followers signed up for the webinar. The great interest in the topic is most likely a consequence of the growing group of people diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. As … Read more

Dancing to poison, Morgan and Selvaggia go down hard. The vigilantes in the hall avoid the fight

Dancing to poison Morgan and Selvaggia go down hard The

The turning point of Dancing with the Stars he will also be remembered for the poison that the boa left on the stage and its surroundings. Both for Morgan’s performance ended with the standing ovation of the audience, all standing, and for the poisonous one quarrel between Morgan and Selvaggia Lucarelli. The quarrel between the … Read more

Fuzzy Skunk