SpaceX launches another crew to the space station during record year

SpaceX launches another crew to the space station during record.pngw1440

Placeholder while article actions load SpaceX sent another crew of astronauts to the International Space Station early Wednesday, its 16th launch since the beginning of the year as the company shoots rockets into orbit at a cadence unequaled in the history of U.S. space exploration. Wednesday’s launch carried three American astronauts and one from Italy. … Read more

Selecionamos 15 lançamentos em vinil exclusivos do Record Store Day

Selecionamos 15 lancamentos em vinil exclusivos do Record Store Day

Curta Music Non Stop no Facebook Pregavam as más línguas do reino digital que o disco deve padecer para sempre, dando lugar apenas ao streaming. O que os inimigos do vinil e seus derivados esféricos não contavam mesmo era com a resistência do Record Store Day, que permanece intacto em prol das lojas independentes anualmente … Read more

Record damaged: Hubble spots farthest star ever seen

Journal Reference: Brian Welch, Dan Coe, Jose M. Diego, Adi Zitrin, Erik Zackrisson, Paola Dimauro, Yolanda Jiménez-Teja, Patrick Kelly, Guillaume Mahler, Masamune Oguri, F. X. Timmes, Rogier Windhorst, Michael Florian, S. E. de Mink, Roberto J. Avila, Jay Anderson, Larry Bradley, Keren Sharon, Anton Vikaeus, Stephan McCandliss, Maruša Bradač, Jane Rigby, Brenda Frye, Sune Toft, … Read more

Million-year-old Arctic sedimentary record sheds light on climate mystery

Journal Reference: Kurt R. Lindberg, William C. Daniels, Isla S. Castañeda, Julie Brigham-Grette. Biomarker proxy records of Arctic climate change during the Mid-Pleistocene transition from Lake El’gygytgyn (Far East Russia). Climate of the Past, 2022; 18 (3): 559 DOI: 10.5194/cp-18-559-2022 Somewhere around 1.2 million years ago, a dramatic shift in the Earth’s climate, known as … Read more

Ryan Reynolds rompe un nuevo récord en Netflix

Ryan Reynolds rompe un nuevo record en

Durante varios años, Ryan Reynolds ha figurado como una de las celebridades más exitosas en el mundo del espectáculo gracias a los diversos papeles que ha interpretado. Y ahora el actor acaba de reafirmar su valía al romper un récord muy importante en Netflix, demostrando que las producciones en las que él participa se convierten … Read more

ESCLUSIVO: dopo anni di successi Jacopo Pesce pronto ad abbandonare Island Record per creare un’etichetta con Shablo?

ESCLUSIVO dopo anni di successi Jacopo Pesce pronto ad abbandonare

ESCLUSIVA. Jacopo Pesce pronto a lasciare Island Records per lanciare una nuova etichetta con l’amico Shablo? A quanto pare è proprio quello che accadrà nei prossimi mesi e che potrebbe scuotere il mercato visti i risultati portati a casa negli ultimi anni dall’A&R di Island Records a sua volta sotto etichetta di Universal Music Italy. … Read more

Premios SAG 2022: Denzel Washington podría superar el récord que estableció anteriormente – Inicio

Premios SAG 2022 Denzel Washington podria superar el record que

Los SAG Awards 2022 están oficialmente aquí. Este espectáculo de premios es con frecuencia un gran predictor cuando se trata de establecer a los favoritos para la carrera de los Oscar. El actor Denzel Washington ya tiene un récord en la estimada ceremonia antes de los próximos Premios SAG 2022. Sin embargo, podría superar su … Read more

Researchers record brainwaves to measure ‘cybersickness’

Journal Reference: Eric Krokos, Amitabh Varshney. Quantifying VR cybersickness using EEG. Virtual Reality, 2021; DOI: 10.1007/s10055-021-00517-2 In a first-of-its kind study, researchers at the University of Maryland recorded VR users’ brain activity using electroencephalography (EEG) to better understand and work toward solutions to prevent cybersickness. The research was conducted by Eric Krokos, who received his … Read more

Government investments in space sector reach record $92 billion

Government investments in space sector reach record 92 billion

Governments worldwide invested an estimated $92 billion in the space sector throughout 2021. According to new research, geopolitical tensions and conflicts over resources are pushing Earth’s superpowers into the scramble for the stars. While the world has struggled to get a grip of the pandemic over the last two years, governments and businesses alike have … Read more

Sanremo 2023: with this year’s record results, the road is open for Amadeus fourth. A few considerations …

Sanremo 2023 with this years record results the road is

Sanremo 2023… Has just closed, with record results, the Sanremo Festival 2022 and obviously we are already starting to think about next year, especially at the press conference. After all, certain results brought home by Amadeus at 360 °, in the race, on social networks and in listening, are impossible to ignore. And indeed the … Read more

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