Stunningly photos from John Glenn’s first orbit of Earth released to mark 60th anniversary

Stunningly photos from John Glenns first orbit of Earth released

To mark the 60th anniversary of Mercury 7 astronaut John Glenn’s historic orbit of the Earth, a photography expert has remastered footage from his flight. The images show Glenn at key stages of the mission in detail never seen before, thanks to processing and remastering transfers of the flight film by British science writer, Andrew … Read more

Einstein’s photoelectric impact: The time it takes for an electron to be released

Journal Reference: Jonas Rist, Kim Klyssek, Nikolay M. Novikovskiy, Max Kircher, Isabel Vela-Pérez, Daniel Trabert, Sven Grundmann, Dimitrios Tsitsonis, Juliane Siebert, Angelina Geyer, Niklas Melzer, Christian Schwarz, Nils Anders, Leon Kaiser, Kilian Fehre, Alexander Hartung, Sebastian Eckart, Lothar Ph. H. Schmidt, Markus S. Schöffler, Vernon T. Davis, Joshua B. Williams, Florian Trinter, Reinhard Dörner, Philipp … Read more

Released Single Out, Girlband GLASS: This is the Original Story Full of Meaning : Okezone Celebrity

Released Single Out Girlband GLASS This is the Original Story

JAKARTA – Girlband GLASS starting 2021 with their first step in the country’s music industry. The four GLASS personnel, namely Phoebe Natalia, Triarona Kusuma, Euginia Lavina, and Denissa Fitri, graduated from the Z Pop Dream Indonesia event. The four beautiful and talented girls officially released their debut single, ‘Mine’, under HITS Records on January 27, … Read more

Radio Date: all new singles to be released in the week of January 21st

Radio Date all new singles to be released in the

Radio date 21 January. The two great protagonists of the radio dates of January 21 are Laura Pausini e Cesare Cremonini, but they are certainly not the only ones. Discover them all on the next pages. Radio date January 21, 2022 Sunday January 16th 2022 Emiliano Pepe – Self Magic (Emiliano Pepe) Monday January 17th … Read more

Five Movies Released in 2021 You Can’t Leave Behind

Five Movies Released in 2021 You Cant Leave Behind

short Music Non Stop no Facebook After 12 months it becomes a little difficult to remember all the films that were shown throughout the year. That’s why we leave here the tip of five movies released in 2021 that are unmissable. private desert trailer srcreenshot/Pandora Films Officer Daniel (Antonio Savoia) made a mistake and it … Read more

All TV series to be released on Prime Video in January 2022

All TV series to be released on Prime Video in

Few new series for Prime Video, which in the first month of the new year, launches only three original products. An Italian series, with Fabrizio Bentivoglio and a second As we see it, about a group of kids with problems, and finally an animated fantasy series. For the rest, it focuses on the seasons of … Read more

Sky, all the TV series to be released in January 2022

Sky all the TV series to be released in January

A new year begins, 2022, and the challenge begins again to the sound of TV series among the main streaming platforms. Sky continues to play the hybrid card of original productions, Sky original between local and international products. In January 2022 Christian debuts, a new series between crime and supernatural, Landscapers with Olivia Colman and … Read more

The album of Mirko and Valerio, the two 14-year-old Sicilian violinists who conquered Coldplay and the world, is released in January …

The album of Mirko and Valerio the two 14 year old Sicilian

The January 14 the disk of Mirko and Valerio, the two very young Sicilian violinist twins who, at just 14 years old, enchanted Chris Martin of the Coldplay. But let’s get to know the story of the two boys together … It is the end of March 2020, the pandemic breaks out and the lockdown … Read more

The report cards to the new Italian singles to be released on 10 December 2021: Zucchero, Nannini & De Gregori, Tiromancino & Consoli, Margherita Vicario …

The report cards to the new Italian singles to be

Scoreboard new Italian singles 10 December 2021. And here I am, back! For two weeks I was busy with my head elsewhere and the report cards did not come out; you overwhelmed me with messages, requests, why I wasn’t working. Here it is, I’m back, in fact, with the many releases this week. Not all … Read more

Amazon Prime Video, all the TV series to be released in December 2021

Amazon Prime Video all the TV series to be released

After the series on the life of Carlo Verdone, Amazon Prime Video relaunch the month of December 2021 with a docu-series that will certainly be highly anticipated, we are talking about The Ferragnez, the series that brings the viewers of Amazon Prime Video into the world of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez. Other releases include a … Read more

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