REVIEW: The Weeknd is going through a cleansing on the album “Dawn FM”

REVIEW The Weeknd is going through a cleansing on the

His fourth album “After Hours” hasn’t even cooled down yet, and The Weeknd is already coming up with its full-fledged successor. “Dawn FM” continues smoothly in the 80’s trend, which was helped by the megahit “Blinding Lights”. Tune in to the right frequency, this ride is dark, but at the same time very fun. 8/10 … Read more

REVIEW: The “Bears” record from Chad is like a vaccine for the soul

REVIEW The Bears record from Chad is like a vaccine

Slovak hard guitarist Chad is here with another album. It was created on the premises of the Czech studio Sono during the unfortunate covid period. And she signed “Bears”. Positively? Negatively? What will the most significant metal formation from the eastern neighbors offer this time? If anyone managed to perfectly capture the frustration of two … Read more

REVIEW: Bowie’s album “Toy” goes back to the artist’s discography. Rightly so – it’s great

REVIEW Bowies album Toy goes back to the artists discography

Even such unquestionable musical authorities as David Bowie are sometimes under pressure from the publisher and his business world vision. Then it can easily happen that the finished recording stays on the ice and unreleased for many years. Such was the fate of Bowie’s album “Toy”, recorded in 2000 and officially released only now. David … Read more

REVIEW: The book “What does this button do?” is an honest and witty confession from Bruce Dickinson

REVIEW The book What does this button do is an

Many memoirs show signs of incompleteness and contain a lot of inaccuracies. Especially those without authorization of who they are talking about. Memoir “What does this button do?” it’s much better. It was written by the frontman of the legendary Iron Maiden himself and he wrote it the way he feels and, moreover, without big-mouthed … Read more

REVIEW: Hana Zagorová’s jubilee selection “1968 – 2020” also hides shortcomings in a shiny box

REVIEW Hana Zagorovas jubilee selection 1968 2020 also hides

In recent days, news about the poor health of one of our biggest singing stallions, Hana Zagorová, has been circulating on the Internet. Either way, the desire to sing our multiple golden nightingale is definitely not waning. And the fact that he still has something to say with his current work is also proved by … Read more

REVIEW: The courttrack to the film “Occupation” offers a showcase of domestic retro-psychedelia

REVIEW The courttrack to the film Occupation offers a showcase

The film “Occupation” by director Michal Nohejl was made unnoticed by Czech cinemas, although it is a pity, but according to critics it is one of the better things that was created here in 2021. A soundtrack was also released for the film, where domestic certainties and hopes of psychedelic rock met. How does this … Read more

REVIEW: Isama Zing remained true to “Blurry AF” faithfulness and naturalness

REVIEW Isama Zing remained true to Blurry AF faithfulness and

Isama Zing is a chameleon with fun in connecting the world of electronics with the acoustic. His concept of vocal lines is universal, yet imaginative in this space. He also proves this on the album “Blurry AF”. It’s a rugged, multi-layered record that will literally engulf you with its passion. 9/10 Include Zing – Blurry … Read more

Space Business Review: Special Edition – Top Ten Space Business Stories of 2021.

Space Business Review Special Edition Top Ten Space Business

#1 Space SPACs At least thirteen space companies announce or close merger transactions with special purpose acquisition companies in order to become publicly traded, producing a collective valuation of approximately $26b: Arqit, AST SpaceMobile, Astra, BlackSky, Momentus, Planet, Redwire, Rocket Lab, Satellogic, Spire, Terran Orbital, Tomorrow and Virgin Orbit. #2 FSS in Transition An industry … Read more

Review of ‘The Big Sick’ (2017) by Michael Showalter | Film News – Billboard – Reviews – Interviews – Podcast

Review of The Big Sick 2017 by Michael Showalter

‘The Big Sick’ is the true romantic story of the comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his current wife Emily (Co-author of the script). The film recounts, in a hilarious and moving tone, the contrast between love and family traditions. Judd Apatow (‘Girls’, ‘Knocked Up’, ‘This is 40’, ‘Bridesmaids’) as a producer he has a reputation for … Read more

Lamb – Film Review with Noomi Rapace | Cinema PREMIERE

Lamb Film Review with Noomi Rapace Cinema PREMIERE

Cordero (Lamb) is a difficult movie to sell to the public. On the one hand, it can easily fall into the categorization of a horror film in which a couple receives the “blessing” of a second chance with a daughter who comes from a sheep. The little girl in question is a hybrid between a … Read more

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