‘Famous’, the song by Kanye West with Rihanna in which he attacked Taylor Swift

Famous the song by Kanye West with Rihanna in which

One of the best-known fights in contemporary pop culture is the one between Taylor Swift Y Kanye West, two of the most important musicians in the music industry, which was immortalized in “Famous”, a song in which he participated Rihanna. This historical conflict dates back to 2009 when the memorable sabotage speech of Kanye West … Read more

De Pamela Anderson a Rihanna: mujeres famosas que fueron víctimas de violencia doméstica

De Pamela Anderson a Rihanna mujeres famosas que fueron victimas

Celebridades de la talla de Tina Turner o Pamela Anderson enfrentaron a sus parejas por abusar físicamente de ellas. Finalmente, lo que queda es un mensaje de esperanza. Getty images La violencia doméstica no distingue entre las personas famosas y las que no lo son. Existen varios casos que se han dado a conocer por … Read more

Rihanna, Arctic Monkeys, Rosalía, Jack White and others: 10 ‘promising’ albums due out in 2022

Rihanna Arctic Monkeys Rosalia Jack White and others 10 promising

Another year of the pandemic is ending, but the shows and festivals are back. And not only that: there are many bands that oiled their gears in order to shape new albums to go out in a 2022 full of news. This is a whimsical list of ten great news to come. ​Arctic Monkeys ​Three … Read more

From Rihanna to Paula Echevarría: this is how Pelayo molds the celebs wardrobe

From Rihanna to Paula Echevarria this is how Pelayo molds

22/12/2021 – 18:34 Updated: 12/22/2021 – 18:34 Although for some Pelayo Diaz He is one more character in the universe of the pink press, as it is undeniable that he is part of the list of characters that appear in gossip magazines, having transferred his digital fame to the pages of these publications, his career … Read more

Lewis Hamilton’s most famous romances: Rihanna, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj …

Lewis Hamiltons most famous romances Rihanna Rita Ora Nicki Minaj

Throughout the years, Lewis Hamilton (36) has crossed the sporting limits of Formula 1 to become a regular protagonist of the press of the heart thanks to a history of confirmed romantic relationships – others not so much – that have accompanied him since he burst into the paddock. And not exactly low profile. The … Read more

Fenty’s fortune: Rihanna is officially a billionaire

Fentys fortune Rihanna is officially a billionaire

When Robyn Fenty, known to the world as Rihanna, launched Fenty Beauty in 2017, she sought to create a cosmetics company that would make “women everywhere (feel) included.” A perhaps unintended consequence: The beauty line has helped her enter one of the most exclusive ranks in the world: that of billionaires. Rihanna is now worth … Read more

‘The Island of Temptations 4’: Zoe gets involved with her boyfriend Josué’s fooling around with the tempting hybrid of Rihanna and Angelia Jolie (or so she says)

The Island of Temptations 4 Zoe gets involved with her

The antlers, the polar cold and the vertiginous rise of the light are aspects that do not rest in our country. The repeaters of ‘The Last Temptation’ have put an end to their hackneyed stories of golfeo and heartbreak to give way to the new generations of tripids to which Telecinco pays vacations in exchange … Read more

Rihanna forgives her father by withdrawing the complaint for scam

Rihanna forgives her father by withdrawing the complaint for scam

A somewhat similar case with Britney Spears, facing her father for taking advantage of how much she earns singing, has happened to her colleague Rihanna, one of the divas of urban pop. On September 23, the view was set after the accusation against his father, to prove that he had seized a respectable amount, fifteen … Read more

Rihanna lets one of her charms escape from her jacket and looks fantastic

Rihanna lets one of her charms escape from her jacket

Rihanna lets out a charm from her jacket and looks fantastic | INSTAGRAM One of the most beautiful and talented singers in the world of show Without a doubt, it is Rihanna, the famous one who, although she is withdrawn from the creation of new themes, continues to be one of the favorites among Internet … Read more

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