Tiny satellites are changing the way we explore our planet and beyond

Tiny satellites are changing the way we explore our planet

Want to go to space? It could cost you. This month, the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft will make the first fully-private, crewed flight to the International Space Station. The going price for a seat is US$55 million. The ticket comes with an eight-day stay on the space station, including room and board – and unrivalled … Read more

Robots could soon autonomously repair and service satellites in orbit

Robots could soon autonomously repair and service satellites in orbit

TL;DR: It’s difficult and expensive to repair satellites in space. So NASA is building semi-autonomous robots to service them in orbit. They also want to build stuff in orbit from scratch. When artificial satellites are sent up to space, usually it’s a one way mission. Their lifespan is defined by the amount of fuel they … Read more

New SpaceX satellites snarled by red tape

New SpaceX satellites snarled by red tape

SpaceX’s latest adversary in its plans to launch a new fleet of satellites to beam internet from space is the U.S. government. Why it matters: SpaceX has withstood attacks from powerhouse competitors like Amazon in the internet space race, but now must overcome warnings from NASA that its fleet of second-generation satellites could hamper asteroid … Read more

Global Small Satellites Market Forecast Report 2021-2029: Profiles of Market Players Advanced Space, Astro Digital, Expace, Hawkeye 360, NASA and Relativity Space

Global Small Satellites Market Forecast Report 2021 2029 Profiles of Market

DUBLIN, Feb. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The “Small Satellites – Market and Technology Forecast to 2029” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering. A small satellite, miniaturized satellite, or smallsat is a satellite of low mass and size, usually under 500 kg (1,100 lb). While all such satellites can be referred to as ‘small’, different … Read more

SpaceX’s ‘Starlink’ satellites leave ‘disturbing’ marks on footage

SpaceXs Starlink satellites leave disturbing marks on footage

fromTanja Banner shut down In a study, researchers warn that the satellites in SpaceX’s “Starlink” constellation could disrupt the search for dangerous asteroids in the future. Frankfurt – Since billionaire Elon Musk’s private space company SpaceX launched the first “Starlink” satellites into orbit in May 2019, astronomers have been worried: They fear that the satellites … Read more

Science experts warn Australia’s ‘weakest link’ in space is its dependency on foreign satellites | ZDNet

Science experts warn Australias weakest link in space is its

Image: Imaginima/Getty Images A 10-year plan for Australian space science published by the Australian Academy of Science (AAS) has warned about the need for the country to establish its own sovereign satellite capability. Currently, Australia depends on countries in Europe and the United States to access satellite data. “The weakest link we have in terms … Read more

30 launches, almost 1,000 Starlink satellites, the world’s largest rocket: that was 2021 for SpaceX

30 launches almost 1000 Starlink satellites the worlds largest rocket

A year with many missions really began for SpaceX when on January 8, 2021 a Falcon 9 rocket brought the communications satellite Türksat 5A into earth orbit. By mid-December, 27 more launches of the Falcon 9 rocket followed as SpaceX’s reliable workhorse. By the end of the year, the number of launches after the latest … Read more

From Titanic to the satellites of Mars: the most famous serendipities in history

From Titanic to the satellites of Mars the most famous

What is it serendipia? You ask while you nail your blue pupil into my pupil. The truth is that one of the most beautiful words in our language (‘serendipity’ also in English, as it even gives a name to a movie), is not you, far from it. Serendipity is, according to its official description and … Read more

SpaceX puts another 48 “Starlink” satellites into orbit

SpaceX puts another 48 Starlink satellites into orbit

Registration completed successfully!Please click the link from the email that was sent to was sent Send again https://snanews.de/20211203/spacex-48-starlink-satelliten-4559853.html SpaceX puts another 48 “Starlink” satellites into orbit SpaceX puts another 48 “Starlink” satellites into orbit A “Falcon 9” launcher from the US space company SpaceX took off on Thursday evening to bring another 48 “Starlink” satellites … Read more

US satellites “attacked daily”. Space Force on the intensification of rivalry with China and Russia

General David Dean Thompson, US Space Force’s deputy head of space operations, spoke to The Washington Post on the occasion of the Halifax International Security Forum conference on November 19-21. in Nova Scotia, Canada. The forum started just four days after the widely commented Russian anti-satellite missile test, which resulted in the crash of the … Read more

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