Scientists call for cap on production to end plastic pollution

Journal Reference: Melanie Bergmann, Bethanie Carney Almroth, Susanne M. Brander, Tridibesh Dey, Dannielle S. Green, Sedat Gundogdu, Anja Krieger, Martin Wagner, Tony R. Walker. A global plastic treaty must cap production. Science, 2022; 376 (6592): 469 DOI: 10.1126/science.abq0082 Now, after the United Nations’ historic decision to adopt a global treaty to end plastic pollution earlier … Read more

Scientists have discovered how bloodworms make their unique copper teeth

Journal Reference: William R. Wonderly, Tuan T.D. Nguyen, Katerina G. Malollari, Daniel DeMartini, Peyman Delparastan, Eric Valois, Phillip B. Messersmith, Matthew E. Helgeson, J. Herbert Waite. A multi-tasking polypeptide from bloodworm jaws: Catalyst, template, and copolymer in film formation. Matter, 2022; DOI: 10.1016/j.matt.2022.04.001 Because the worms only form their jaws once, they need to be … Read more

Scientists find elusive gas from post-starburst galaxies hiding in plain sight

Journal Reference: Adam Smercina, John-David T. Smith, K. Decker French, Eric F. Bell, Daniel A. Dale, Anne M. Medling, Kristina Nyland, George C. Privon, Kate Rowlands, Fabian Walter, Ann I. Zabludoff. After The Fall: Resolving the Molecular Gas in Post-Starburst Galaxies. The Astrophysical Journal, 2022 [abstract] In most galaxies, scientists expect gas to be distributed … Read more

Scientists model landscape formation on Titan, revealing an Earth-like alien world

Journal Reference: Mathieu G. A. Lapôtre, Michael J. Malaska, Morgan L. Cable. The Role of Seasonal Sediment Transport and Sintering in Shaping Titan’s Landscapes: A Hypothesis. Geophysical Research Letters, 2022; 49 (8) DOI: 10.1029/2021GL097605 The presence of these materials — whose mechanical properties are vastly different from those of silicate-based substances that make up other … Read more

Scientists discover mechanism behind chemically induced suppression of fearful memories

Journal Reference: Ayako Kawaminami, Daisuke Yamada, Shoko Yanagisawa, Motoki Shirakata, Keita Iio, Hiroshi Nagase, Akiyoshi Saitoh. Selective δ-Opioid Receptor Agonist, KNT-127, Facilitates Contextual Fear Extinction via Infralimbic Cortex and Amygdala in Mice. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 2022; 16 DOI: 10.3389/fnbeh.2022.808232 Tragic events like wars, famines, earthquakes, and accidents create fearful memories in our brain. These … Read more

Scientists develop COVID-19 antibody measurement technology to rapidly assess virus blocking efficacy

Journal Reference: Brian Hetrick, Linda D. Chilin, Sijia He, Deemah Dabbagh, Farhang Alem, Aarthi Narayanan, Alessandra Luchini, Tuanjie Li, Xuefeng Liu, Joshua Copeland, Angela Pak, Tshaka Cunningham, Lance Liotta, Emanuel F. Petricoin, Ali Andalibi, Yuntao Wu. Development of a hybrid alphavirus-SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirion for rapid quantification of neutralization antibodies and antiviral drugs. Cell Reports Methods, 2022; … Read more

Scientists turn a hydrogen molecule into a quantum sensor

Journal Reference: Likun Wang, Yunpeng Xia, W. Ho. Atomic-scale quantum sensing based on the ultrafast coherence of an H 2 molecule in an STM cavity. Science, 2022; 376 (6591): 401 DOI: 10.1126/science.abn9220 This new technique can also be applied to analysis of two-dimensional materials which have the potential to play a role in advanced energy … Read more

In the race to solve Alzheimer’s illness, scientists find more needles in the haystack

Journal Reference: Céline Bellenguez et al. New insights into the genetic etiology of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Nature Genetics, 2022; 54 (4): 412 DOI: 10.1038/s41588-022-01024-z It’s a huge haystack, and Alzheimer’s-related genetic variations, like needles, are miniscule in comparison. Sudha Seshadri, MD, and other faculty at The University of Texas Health Science Center at … Read more

Taylor Swift, the millipede: Scientists name a new species after the singer

Journal Reference: Derek A. Hennen, Jackson C. Means, Paul E. Marek. A revision of the wilsoni species group in the millipede genus Nannaria Chamberlin, 1918 (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Xystodesmidae). ZooKeys, 2022; 1096: 17 DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.1096.73485 The twisted-claw millipede Nannaria swiftae joins 16 other new species described from the Appalachian Mountains of the United States. These little-known … Read more

Scientists identify novel approach to preventing seizures

Journal Reference: Chris Greene, Nicole Hanley, Cristina R. Reschke, Avril Reddy, Maarja A. Mäe, Ruairi Connolly, Claire Behan, Eoin O’Keeffe, Isobel Bolger, Natalie Hudson, Conor Delaney, Michael A. Farrell, Donncha F. O’Brien, Jane Cryan, Francesca M. Brett, Alan Beausang, Christer Betsholtz, David C. Henshall, Colin P. Doherty, Matthew Campbell. Microvascular stabilization via blood-brain barrier regulation prevents … Read more

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