Thomas Brodie-Sangster: de niño en Love Actually a manager de los Sex Pistols

Thomas Brodie Sangster de nino en Love Actually a manager de

Photo credit: CHARLIE GRAY La vida de Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Londres, 1990) siempre ha estado envuelta en un tímido rock and roll. Atesora aventuras como para escribir algunos libros. En lo laboral: con 13 años comenzó a rodar su primera película para la BBC; le siguió un filme de culto de todas las navidades, Love Actually; … Read more

Sanremo 2022. From Amadeus to Zanicchi, from Måneskin to sex: all the keywords of edition number 72

Sanremo 2022 From Amadeus to Zanicchi from Maneskin to

A come Amadeus. At the third consecutive festival, now straight on his way, almost Baudian, he only misses the famous “I invented it, I invented it” but with today’s youngsters it’s a bit difficult, they don’t come from the piano bar, those at 20 have 2 million plays and the same number of views. Ditonellapiaga, … Read more

James Franco confesses: “I slept with my students, I was addicted to alcohol and sex”

James Franco confesses I slept with my students I was

James Franco, after allegations of sexual harassment by 5 women, including ex-students from his school’s acting class, breaks the silence and indulges in the microphones of “The Jess Cagle Podcast”: “During my teaching period I had sex with it but it was wrong. It was certainly not the reason with which I started teaching and … Read more

Queen’s genes determine sex of entire ant colonies

Journal Reference: German Lagunas-Robles, Jessica Purcell, Alan Brelsford. Linked supergenes underlie split sex ratio and social organization in an ant. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2021; 118 (46): e2101427118 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2101427118 “It’s weird to have any parent that’s only producing one sex or the other,” said UC Riverside entomologist and study author Jessica … Read more

Scarlett Johansson, the sex symbol who returns to Marvel after lawsuit and becoming a mother

Scarlett Johansson the sex symbol who returns to Marvel after

Scarlett Johansson, who turns 37 years old this Monday, has been the only woman to be chosen twice as “the sexiest woman alive” by Esquire magazine in 2006 and 2013, and was also named the sexiest of the celebrities of Playboy magazine in 2007. It is considered by many as a “sex symbol.” She, on … Read more

Gene-editing used to create single sex mice litters, 100% efficiency

Journal Reference: Charlotte Douglas, Valdone Maciulyte, Jasmin Zohren, Daniel M. Snell, Shantha K. Mahadevaiah, Obah A. Ojarikre, Peter J. I. Ellis, James M. A. Turner. CRISPR-Cas9 effectors facilitate generation of single-sex litters and sex-specific phenotypes. Nature Communications, 2021; 12 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-27227-2 This proof of principle study, published in Nature Communications today (Friday 3rd December), … Read more

Sex, Lies and Chadia, on Discovery + we talk about sex (but only between women)

Sex Lies and Chadia on Discovery we talk about

Chadia Rodriguez, the artist born in Spain of Moroccan parents and raised in Turin, arrives on discovery + from December 4th with “SEX, LIES & CHADIA”, an original talk show in 8 episodes written by Giovanni Robertini and Filippo Perfido, with the art direction by Daniele Desperati and directed by Fabrizio Conte, produced by GVNG … Read more

Very true, Francesca Barra reveals the sex of the baby: “With Claudio it’s wonderful”

Very true Francesca Barra reveals the sex of the baby

Francesca Barra, guest of very true, has fulfilled the dream of having a son with Claudio Santamaria. With Silvia Toffanin she shares the immense joy for the period she is experiencing and the sorrow for the loss of her other child. Finally, unveil the sex of the baby and is moved by the video message … Read more

Rod Stewart: «Sex? I’ve always done too much. In the end it became boring “

Rod Stewart Sex Ive always done too much In the

“I have a brand new knee»He announces cheerfully Sir Rod Stewart while flexing her legs dressed in tight white pants. “Mick Jagger has a new heart valve. Elton has a new flank. All the old ones are put back together. Get repaired and get back on the road! ” At 76, Rod Stewart, after being … Read more

Murder Meredith, Amanda Knox in the hyenas: “Painted as a racist and obsessed with sex, but all the evidence points to Rudy Guede”

Murder Meredith Amanda Knox in the hyenas Painted as a

What happened on the night ofmurder of Meredith Kercher? “All the evidence points to Rudy Guede. I know he killed Meredith. ‘ Word of Amanda Knox who in an interview with Iene (broadcast on Friday evening on Italia1) returns to talk about the murder of Perugia happened 14 years ago. “I think there is all … Read more

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