In photos: from Scarlett Johansson’s big smile to Salma Hayek’s excitement

In photos from Scarlett Johanssons big smile to Salma Hayeks

ROBYN BECK Awards and tributes days. Last weekend featured several divas from the big screen. Scarlett Johansson became the winner of the award given by the American Cinematheque of California and Salma Hayek was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. The Mexican actress and producer attended the event … Read more

My child groans all the time: the key attitude to make him smile again!

My child groans all the time the key attitude to

We do everything for our child: we prepare his breakfast, we bought him his favorite cereals, but here it is: the milk is not at the right temperature … He groans because he wants me to help him ‘dress while he is past the age. We offer him a great vacation and, again, he finds … Read more

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