Dying stars’ cocoons might explain fast blue optical transients

Journal Reference: Ore Gottlieb, Alexander Tchekhovskoy, Raffaella Margutti. Shocked jets in CCSNe can power the zoo of fast blue optical transients. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2022; DOI: 10.1093/mnras/stac910 So hot that they glow blue, these mysterious objects are the brightest known optical phenomenon in the universe. But with only a few discovered … Read more

Giant stars undergo dramatic weight loss program

Journal Reference: Yaguang Li, Timothy R. Bedding, Simon J. Murphy, Dennis Stello, Yifan Chen, Daniel Huber, Meridith Joyce, Dion Marks, Xianfei Zhang, Shaolan Bi, Isabel L. Colman, Michael R. Hayden, Daniel R. Hey, Gang Li, Benjamin T. Montet, Sanjib Sharma, Yaqian Wu. Discovery of post-mass-transfer helium-burning red giants using asteroseismology. Nature Astronomy, 2022; DOI: 10.1038/s41550-022-01648-5 … Read more

Did rapid spin delay 2017 collapse of merged neutron stars into black gap?

Journal Reference: A. Hajela, R. Margutti, J. S. Bright, K. D. Alexander, B. D. Metzger, V. Nedora, A. Kathirgamaraju, B. Margalit, D. Radice, E. Berger, A. MacFadyen, D. Giannios, R. Chornock, I. Heywood, L. Sironi, O. Gottlieb, D. Coppejans, T. Laskar, Y. Cendes, R. Barniol Duran, T. Eftekhari, W. Fong, A. McDowell, M. Nicholl, X. … Read more

Dark power: Neutron stars will tell us if it’s only an illusion

Journal Reference: Miguel Bezares, Ricard Aguilera-Miret, Lotte ter Haar, Marco Crisostomi, Carlos Palenzuela, Enrico Barausse. No Evidence of Kinetic Screening in Simulations of Merging Binary Neutron Stars beyond General Relativity. Physical Review Letters, 2022; 128 (9) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.128.091103 For about 100 years now, general relativity has been very successful at describing gravity on a variety … Read more

Chemical history of the Milky Way revealed by new catalog of tens of millions of stars

Journal Reference: Yang Huang, Timothy C. Beers, Christian Wolf, Young Sun Lee, Christopher A. Onken, Haibo Yuan, Derek Shank, Huawei Zhang, Chun Wang, Jianrong Shi, Zhou Fan. Beyond Spectroscopy. I. Metallicities, Distances, and Age Estimates for Over 20 Million Stars from SMSS DR2 and Gaia EDR3. The Astrophysical Journal, 2022; 925 (2): 164 DOI: 10.3847/1538-4357/ac21cb … Read more

Beyoncé, The Weeknd or Rosalía… In 2022, the music stars are back

Beyonce The Weeknd or Rosalia In 2022 the music stars

Beyoncé, Madonna, Rosalía, Kendrick Lamar or Red Hot Chili Peppers… After a sparse 2021 in big names, the music stars are preparing their return with one eye in omicron and another in which vaccination will finally turn covid- 19 in an anecdote and pay off their new albums on world tours. The Weeknd will be … Read more

GIULIA MOLINO, “Like the rock stars is the new single:” Love is energy, not a dark room in which to lock yourself up and look for your faults “

GIULIA MOLINO Like the rock stars is the new single

Giulia Molino Like rock stars text and meaning of the new single already released on digital platforms on December 17 for Island of the Artists with distribution ADA Music Italy and, from 21 January, available in radio rotation. The piece bears the signature of Giulia Molino for the lyrics, while the music was composed with … Read more

Sending life to the stars

Journal Reference: Stephen Lantin, Sophie Mendell, Ghassan Akkad, Alexander N. Cohen, Xander Apicella, Emma McCoy, Eliana Beltran-Pardo, Michael Waltemathe, Prasanna Srinivasan, Pradeep M. Joshi, Joel H. Rothman, Philip Lubin. Interstellar space biology via Project Starlight. Acta Astronautica, 2022; 190: 261 DOI: 10.1016/j.actaastro.2021.10.009 For UC Santa Barbara professors Philip Lubin and Joel Rothman, it’s a great … Read more

Finding ourselves in the stars

Finding ourselves in the stars

THE launching of the James Webb space telescope on Christmas Day marks another milestone in mankind’s quest for a deeper understanding of how the universe began. A rocket blasting off from the French Guiana is carrying the $10-billion telescope to its “parking” station 1.5-million kilometers above the Earth. Once there, it will deploy its 6.5-meter-wide … Read more

Idol Stars Rimar & Glenn Samuel Are Out Of Job Due To The Pandemic : Okezone Celebrity

Idol Stars Rimar Glenn Samuel Are Out Of Job

JAKARTA – Rimar Callista is the 1st winner of the Indonesian Idol Special Season talent search event which will be broadcast on RCTI in 2021. Thanks to his great performances, Rimar has managed to attract the attention of many Indonesian music lovers with his unique and melodious voice. This 1997-born singer apparently has graduated with … Read more

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