Selecionamos 15 lançamentos em vinil exclusivos do Record Store Day

Selecionamos 15 lancamentos em vinil exclusivos do Record Store Day

Curta Music Non Stop no Facebook Pregavam as más línguas do reino digital que o disco deve padecer para sempre, dando lugar apenas ao streaming. O que os inimigos do vinil e seus derivados esféricos não contavam mesmo era com a resistência do Record Store Day, que permanece intacto em prol das lojas independentes anualmente … Read more

Design tweak helps prevent malfunction in yarns designed to store energy

Journal Reference: Nanfei He, Junhua Song, Jinyun Liao, Feng Zhao, Wei Gao. Separator threads in yarn-shaped supercapacitors to avoid short-circuiting upon length. npj Flexible Electronics, 2022; 6 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41528-022-00150-2 The researchers reported in npj Flexible Electronics that they were able to prevent short-circuiting in yarns that act as supercapacitors — which are electrical devices … Read more

Florida’s 76,000 stormwater ponds emit more carbon than they store

Journal Reference: Audrey H. Goeckner, Mary G. Lusk, Alexander J. Reisinger, Jacob D. Hosen, Joseph M. Smoak. Florida’s urban stormwater ponds are net sources of carbon to the atmosphere despite increased carbon burial over time. Communications Earth & Environment, 2022; 3 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s43247-022-00384-y In fact, ponds lose more carbon via gas than they store … Read more

‘Nano-chocolates’ that store hydrogen

Journal Reference: Dirk Franz, Ulrike Schröder, Roman Shayduk, Björn Arndt, Heshmat Noei, Vedran Vonk, Thomas Michely, Andreas Stierle. Hydrogen Solubility and Atomic Structure of Graphene Supported Pd Nanoclusters. ACS Nano, 2021; 15 (10): 15771 DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.1c01997 A team led by DESY’s Andreas Stierle has laid the foundations for an alternative method: storing hydrogen in tiny … Read more

Magnetic ‘hedgehogs’ could store big data in a small space

In a study published today in the journal Science, researchers at The Ohio State University used a magnetic microscope to visualize the patterns, formed in thin films of an unusual magnetic material, manganese germanide. Unlike familiar magnets such as iron, the magnetism in this material follows helices, similar to the structure of DNA. This leads … Read more

Soils in old-growth treetops can store more carbon than soils under our feet

The new research on these unique soils, being presented on Wednesday, 15 December at AGU Fall Meeting 2021, marks the first attempt to quantify carbon capture by canopy soils. The work highlights another way old-growth forests are rich, complex ecosystems that cannot be quickly replaced by replanting forests. Tree branches collect fallen tree leaves and … Read more

Should the farmer want to become a hardware store? – Four experts on the sustainability ideas of builder Ballast-Nedam – Foodlog

Should the farmer want to become a hardware store

“The analysis from the construction sector is correct,” says Peter van Bodegom, professor of environmental biology and department head Environmental Biology at Leiden University, “the emissions are already far too high and will only increase further, especially related to the use of concrete and steel in the world. The question is whether the analysis from … Read more

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