Au Soudan, les islamistes refont surface à la faveur du coup d’Etat

Au Soudan les islamistes refont surface a la faveur du

Pour ne rien manquer de l’actualité africaine, inscrivez-vous à la newsletter du « Monde Afrique » depuis ce lien. Chaque samedi à 6 heures, retrouvez une semaine d’actualité et de débats traitée par la rédaction du « Monde Afrique ». Le général Abdel Fattah Al-Bourhane, chef du Conseil militaire de transition du Soudan, à Khartoum, le 15 septembre 2020. MAZEN … Read more

Ice shards in Antarctic clouds let more solar energy reach Earth’s surface

Journal Reference: R. L. Atlas, C. S. Bretherton, M. F. Khairoutdinov, P. N. Blossey. Hallett‐Mossop Rime Splintering Dims Cumulus Clouds Over the Southern Ocean: New Insight From Nudged Global Storm‐Resolving Simulations. AGU Advances, 2022; 3 (2) DOI: 10.1029/2021AV000454 The paper, published March 4 in the open-access journal AGU Advances, shows that including this ice-splintering process … Read more

Seeing below the surface of bimetallic nanoparticles

Journal Reference: Nobutomo Nakamura, Koji Matsuura, Akio Ishii, Hirotsugu Ogi. Restructuring in bimetallic core-shell nanoparticles: Real-time observation. Physical Review B, 2022; 105 (12) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.105.125401 Core-shell nanoparticles comprise one type of material encapsulated within another and offer properties that are not available using just one material. When the materials are metals, and one is deposited … Read more

Sensor breakthrough paves way for groundbreaking map of world under Earth surface

Journal Reference: Stray, B., Lamb, A., Kaushik, A. et al. Quantum sensing for gravity cartography. Nature, 2022 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-04315-3 University of Birmingham researchers from the UK National Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Timing have reported their achievement in Nature. It is the first in the world for a quantum gravity gradiometer outside of laboratory … Read more

The abyssal world: Last terra incognita of the Earth surface

Journal Reference: Tristan Cordier, Inès Barrenechea Angeles, Nicolas Henry, Franck Lejzerowicz, Cédric Berney, Raphaël Morard, Angelika Brandt, Marie-Anne Cambon-Bonavita, Lionel Guidi, Fabien Lombard, Pedro Martinez Arbizu, Ramon Massana, Covadonga Orejas, Julie Poulain, Craig R. Smith, Patrick Wincker, Sophie Arnaud-Haond, Andrew J. Gooday, Colomban de Vargas, Jan Pawlowski. Patterns of eukaryotic diversity from the surface to … Read more

Catalyst surface analysed at atomic resolution

Journal Reference: Weikai Xiang, Nating Yang, Xiaopeng Li, Julia Linnemann, Ulrich Hagemann, Olaf Ruediger, Markus Heidelmann, Tobias Falk, Matteo Aramini, Serena DeBeer, Martin Muhler, Kristina Tschulik, Tong Li. 3D atomic-scale imaging of mixed Co-Fe spinel oxide nanoparticles during oxygen evolution reaction. Nature Communications, 2022; 13 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-27788-2 At RUB, a team headed by Weikai … Read more

Mystery behind formation of surface ice-shapes on Pluto unraveled

Journal Reference: Adrien Morison, Stéphane Labrosse, Gaël Choblet. Sublimation-driven convection in Sputnik Planitia on Pluto. Nature, 2021; 600 (7889): 419 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-04095-w A team of international researchers, including Dr Adrien Morison from the University of Exeter, has shown how vast ice forms have been shaped in one of the planet’s largest craters, Sputnik Planita. Perhaps … Read more

New copper surface eliminates bacteria in just two minutes, scientists report

Journal Reference: J.L. Smith, N. Tran, T. Song, D. Liang, M. Qian. Robust bulk micro-nano hierarchical copper structures possessing exceptional bactericidal efficacy. Biomaterials, 2022; 280: 121271 DOI: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2021.121271 The new copper product is the result of a collaborative research project with RMIT University and Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, with findings just published in Biomaterials. … Read more

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