Agseisa Tells The Match In The Second Single God’s Secret : Okezone Celebrity

Agseisa Tells The Match In The Second Single Gods Secret

JAKARTA – This time Agseisa Galuh, a beautiful singer who graduated from the talent search event Indonesian idol X who stole the attention of many music lovers through her distinctive voice is currently releasing her latest single. After releasing her first single entitled “Pinjam Hug”, this time Agseisa is back to present her newest work. … Read more

Bárbara Eugênia Tells How She Adapted “Crashes n’Crushes” to the Stage | pavé music

Barbara Eugenia Tells How She Adapted Crashes nCrushes to the

photo by debby gram Crashes n’Crushes it’s a disk that Barbara Eugenia sculpted in detail in the studio, and every audition promotes an insertion of the listener in the intimate environment that the work proposes. So how to bring these new songs to the stage? On the eve of her performance at Sesc Vila Mariana, … Read more

SICK LUKE tells X2: “Trap and indie have played a great role in recent years. Now, we are slowly combining these two genres”

SICK LUKE tells X2 Trap and indie have played a

Sick Luke released his highly anticipated first album on January 7th X2 with the label Carousel Records and distributed by Virgin/Universal.The record is out on CD, vinyl and on all digital platforms. X2 was anticipated by the single The witch of the orchard, featuring chiello e Madame. Now in radio rotation there is the single … Read more

A TikTok user tells why she thinks Kylie Jenner has already given birth

A TikTok user tells why she thinks Kylie Jenner has

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy is one of the great unknowns of the moment. Last September the businesswoman officially announced that she was expecting her second child with Travis Scott, although we actually heard the news a month before through the international press. For several weeks, on social networks They are convinced that Jenner has already given … Read more

Pippo Pollina: the album “Secret songs” tells the changing times

Pippo Pollina the album Secret songs tells the changing times

From January 7, 2022 is available in store digital and in streaming the new album by Pippo Pollina. Secret songs – this is the title – was anticipated by the publication of the videos of the songs Music tomorrow too e Leo. The disc contains the artist’s reflections on the experiences made and the changing … Read more

Tom Hiddleston tells what are his 5 best moments of Loki in the MCU

Tom Hiddleston tells what are his 5 best moments of

Tom Hiddleston, better known as Loki in the MCU, He told what he thinks of the character and how he thinks his journey has been throughout the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So much so, that he offered a list of his 5 favorite Loki moments. The first thing the actor comments is that … Read more

Visiting Hotman Paris, Nirina Zubir Tells Directly in Front of the Minister of ATR Head of BPN RI Regarding Land Certificate Fraud, More on Hotman Paris Show, Tonight: Okezone Celebrity

Visiting Hotman Paris Nirina Zubir Tells Directly in Front of

LOTS OF the land mafia case in Indonesia seems to be increasingly disturbing netizens +62. Recently, actress and film actor, Nirina Zubir, is reported to have been a victim of a case of embezzlement of land assets by a former assistant to her late mother. In this episode, Nirina Zubir is fully present accompanied by … Read more

With Blackkklansman, Spike Lee tells Trump what we’re all thinking

With Blackkklansman Spike Lee tells Trump what were all thinking

Blackkklansman is a product not only of the mind of Spike Lee, but from the social context in which we find ourselves. Lee shows that we have not changed, that we are not more evolved, nor are we more tolerant, we are still the same haters always, we just know how to hide it better … Read more

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