Reis da new wave, B-52’s se despede com turnê mundial que começa em agosto. – music non stop

Reis da new wave B 52s se despede com turne mundial

Curta Music Non Stop no Facebook Ninguém gosta de despedidas – principalmente quando se trata de estrelas como o B-52s, que promete cair na estrada pela última e definitiva vez em 2022 (Será? Vide Kiss!). O anúncio oficial saiu nesta quarta (26/4), e a partir de amanhã já serão disponibilizados os ingressos para a turnê … Read more

Moon’s orbit proposed as a gravitational wave detector

Journal Reference: Diego Blas, Alexander C. Jenkins. Bridging the μHz Gap in the Gravitational-Wave Landscape with Binary Resonances. Physical Review Letters, 2022; 128 (10) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.128.101103 Gravitational waves, predicted by Albert Einstein at the start of the 20th century and detected for the first time in 2015, are the new messengers of the most violent … Read more

Gravitational wave mirror experiments can evolve into quantum entities

Journal Reference: Roman Schnabel, Mikhail Korobko. Macroscopic quantum mechanics in gravitational-wave observatories and beyond. AVS Quantum Science, 2022; 4 (1): 014701 DOI: 10.1116/5.0077548 An ideal system is a highly reflecting mirror whose motion is sensed by monochromatic light, which is photoelectrically detected with high quantum efficiency. A quantum optomechanical experiment is achieved if the quantum … Read more

Joe Biden celebrates the first anniversary of his mandate at the bottom of the wave

Joe Biden celebrates the first anniversary of his mandate at

US President Joe Biden during a press conference at the White House in Washington on January 19, 2022. MANDEL NGAN / AFP The political crisis is like quicksand: above all, do not get too excited, so as not to get bogged down further. In great difficulty at the end of the first year of his … Read more

FAMOUS ALBUM: A drastic change has come out. Suede and “Coming Up” have returned to the limelight of the Britpop wave

FAMOUS ALBUM A drastic change has come out Suede and

You are a band on the rise, the audience pampers you, you have a fairly successful record behind you and everything in front of you. What can happen when a key member leaves you? There are basically two possibilities: either you wrap it up or you face it and try to wipe everyone’s eyes. Something … Read more

Omicron wave sweeps across northern England and puts pressure on UK healthcare system

Omicron wave sweeps across northern England and puts pressure on

Ambulances in front of the emergency entrance to Bradford Royal Infirmary in Bradford (Great Britain), January 5, 2022. OLI SCARFF / AFP A few encouraging signs in London, a critical situation in the south-east and a landscape which is darkening at high speed in the north of England: the Omicron wave continues to impose considerable … Read more

Omicron variant: in the face of the “tidal wave” in the United Kingdom, the press beats the recall

Omicron variant in the face of the tidal wave in

A long queue has formed around the pharmacy in Sevenoaks (England), in the hope of receiving a booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, on December 13, 2021. GARETH FULLER / AP The day after a speech by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the media across the Channel largely seized on Monday, December 13, the head … Read more

Hubble witnesses shock wave of colliding gases in Running Man Nebula

In this image, red and orange colors indicate the jet and glowing gas of related shocks. The glowing blue ripples that seem to be flowing away from the jet to the right of the image are bow shocks facing the star 42 Orionis (not shown). Bow shocks happen in space when streams of gas collide, … Read more

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