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If there is a genre that is apparently in decline within American cinema, it is the romantic comedy, since in recent years the offer of it has decreased considerably to the point where it rarely manages to achieve a box office success. Luckily for fans of the Judd Apatow genre (This Girl Is A Disaster – 85%) has taken care that romantic comedies are not only saved from extinction, but also worries that they show something new to the public, therefore, in a role as producer, the director decided to give an unusual opportunity love story: The Big Sick: An Inseparable Love – certified fresh tiny98%.

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Why is it unusual? Well, this Sundance Film Festival hit is based on the true story that rising comedian Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley – 100%) lived with his wife when they first started dating. You see, Nanjiani is a Muslim man of Pakistani origin who came to the United States at the age of 18 to study at Grinnell College. After completing university, Nanjiani tried his luck in many projects, including various podcasts and stand-up comedy, it was this last hobby that would change the life of the now actor, because during one of his routines in 2007 he met the producer and writer Emily V. Gordon, a woman who would later become his wife.

The story of this couple is far from being a typical love story, as both come from extremely different cultural contexts, which caused many clashes not only between them, but also with the traditions of their families. However, that’s not all, because after dating for eight months, Gordon was diagnosed with a strange form of arthritis that caused the body’s organs to suddenly collapse. It was during an operation to treat this disease that their relationship was approved, as the operation had a complication and Nanjiani had to give permission to the doctors to induce her into a coma and thus save her life, the only drawback was that he had to sign as his was her husband.

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Gordon commented to Hollywood Reporter “I basically went into a coma with a casual and loving boyfriend, and coming out of it I ran into a guy who was like ‘my god, I love you'”. The confusion did not take it for the worse, because since then they have been together.

After Nanjiani told Apatow this unusual story as an idea for a movie, the producer worked with the couple, and seasoned director Michael Showalter (Hello, My Name Is Doris – certified fresh tiny83%), to make what is now one of the most successful comedies of the year in the United States. The Big Sick: An Inseparable Love – certified fresh tiny98% had a very warm reception at Sundance and was bought by Amazon Studios for the amount of $ 12 million, an important figure for a film that cost $ 5 million to produce (its gross in the northern country ended at $ 53 million of Dollars). But before its arrival on the US billboard, the film won important awards at different film festivals, the most important being the one that was awarded at the South By Southwest as one of the festival’s favorites.

Just as The Big Sick: An Inseparable Love – certified fresh tiny98% tell an unconventional love story, it also portrays the cultural clashes that the cultures of the East and the West, and even takes time to address the racism and discrimination that the Muslim community currently suffers in the United States. Showalter said to Hollywood Reporter It was Apatow’s idea to tackle this last issue in an incisive way, as the producer pointed out that this was one of the main elements of the film.

For the film Nanjiani practically played a more sympathetic version of himself, while the character based on his wife is played by Zoe Kazan, while her parents are played by Ray Romano and Holly Hunter.

Since its premiere in January, critics have pointed out how refreshing it is to watch a comedy whose first instinct is to make you laugh while tackling complicated topics and which, thanks to Nanjiani’s charisma and Showalter’s direction, looks like one of the movies of the that everyone will be talking about during awards season.

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John DeFore de Hollywood Reporter commented:

A funny and sensitive love story based on everyday life.

AA Dowd said to AV Club:

It’s a really good story about romantic cross-cultural roadblocks and unforeseen emergencies, all steeped in the nerdy and comic vision of its creators.

Matt Goldberg de Collider explained:

“The Big Sick” is hilarious, surprisingly emotional and with a big heart. I can’t wait to see her again.

Jordan Hoffman de Vanity Fair he pointed:

The Big Sick doesn’t need to be resurrected by cheap jokes; its strength lies in deeper things.

Peter Goldberg de Slant Magazine noted:

Michael Showalter’s The Big Sick puts a considerable twist on rom-coms, though perhaps more appropriately calling it an interrupted rom-com.

Jorge Rivera Rubio of Movie Network said:

The Big Sick is a love letter to humor and how it helps us deal with the world. Kumail belongs to a traditional Muslim family, who despise his ambition to be a comedian as they seek him out in an arranged marriage.

Juanma Fernandez Paris of The new day commented:

A film that breaks with the clichés of romantic comedies. He is completely focused on doing justice to a real-life romance that took such an unexpected turn that it appears to have been created to be on the big screen.

Emily Yoshida reviewed for New York Magazine/Vulture:

The theme of the story of The Big Sick has rarely been explored or romanticized, it tells us about what it is like to create bonds with the relatives of that person with whom we are in love.

Alissa Wilkinson de Vox said:

” Authentic ” is a word overused in movie reviews, but I can’t think of another way to describe The Big Sick: Every minute on this film feels true and I’m not saying it just because it has portrayed my life.

Manohla Dargis del New York Times he pointed:

A lighthearted, generous and romantic comedy, which even when it turns sharply into more difficult terrain, insists that all we need to do is keep laughing.

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