The biopic dedicated to Chet Baker “JAZZ NOIR – Investigation into the mysterious death of the legendary Chet” arrives in Italy

On 22, 23 and 24 November, Wanted Cinema arrives in Italian cinemas for the first time “JAZZ NOIR – Investigation into the mysterious death of the legendary Chet “, the biopic dedicated to CHET BAKER. The list of participating cinemas (in update) is available here

These are the first cities in which the projections have been confirmed: Bari, Bergamo, Bologna, Bra, Carpi, Cesena, Faenza, Ferrara, Florence, Forlì, Imola, Messina, Milan, Monza, Naples, Padua, Perugia, Pisa, Puianello, Reggio Emilia, Rome, Terni and Turin.

There will be special events throughout Italy in cinemas with concerts and readings dedicated to Chet Baker, his music and his writings. The screenings to be held in the cinemas of Milan (among the first confirmed Anteo Palazzo del Cinema, Multisala Eliseo and Wanted Clan) have been included in the calendar of the Milan Music Week 2021, the week dedicated to music and its protagonists. from 22 to 28 November with a rich schedule of appointments including panels, meetings, workshops, concerts and showcases, DJ sets and projections, spread throughout the city and also in streaming. Radio Monte Carlo is the official Radio. The film, by Dutch director Rolf van Eijk, opens on the sudden death of jazz icon Chet Baker, who fell from the window of a hotel in the red light district of Amsterdam on May 13, 1988, and retraces his final days of life. A premature disappearance still shrouded in mystery: did he fall or did he jump? Was it an accident or was he pushed? The film carefully reconstructs recording studios from the 1980s and retrieves original tracks from Chet Baker’s latest recordings. A tale with a noir atmospheres that investigates the genius and recklessness of the great jazz player, trumpeter and singer, tormented by drug addiction.

a film exciting in which the actor Steve Wall (Vikings, The Witcher, Silent Witness, Moone Boy, but also the frontman of the band The Walls and The Stunning) who plays Chet Baker, got perfectly into the character, with his drawling voice and uncertain walk, showing on the face the demons of the jazzman who drags himself through the decadent alleys of Amsterdam and who transforms himself on the stage of the smoky jazz clubs.

Synopsis: Amsterdam, 1988. Detective Lucas is tasked with investigating the mysterious death of jazz legend Chet Baker. Retracing Baker’s final days, he is drawn into a dark musical journey in which he meets Sarah, the last lover, Simon, the silent friend, and Doctor Feelgood, the ambiguous admirer. As he delves into the mind of the infamous trumpet player, Lucas simultaneously confronts his own demons and his own shadows.

Cast: Steve Wall (Chet Baker), Gijs Naber (Detective Lucas), Raymond Thiry (Simon), Arjan Ederveen (Dr Feelgood), Lynsey Beauchamp (Sarah), Paloma Aguilera Valdebenito (Lois).

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The biopic dedicated to Chet Baker “JAZZ NOIR – Investigation into the mysterious death of the legendary Chet” arrives in Italy

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