The reason Billy Syahputra didn’t upload Vanessa Angel’s funeral: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Presenter Billy Syahputra became one of the public figures who helped lead the wayrkan Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah to his final resting place. Not only was he present, he even helped carry Vanessa’s coffin.

However, Billy was not seen uploading the moment on his Instagram account. He didn’t even do any media interviews at the time.

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To Gus Miftah, Billy admitted that this had been his principle for a long time. For him, uploading content on social media is not too important to do because it does not have any impact.

“Taught the Koran teacher, the parents, the point is that if for example someone is having trouble or anyone who has left us first, we will send them to their final resting place,” said Billy Syahputra in the Chat with Gus Miftah program on iNews TV, quoted on Saturday (13/11/2021).

“If you post, for example, why post it? It’s useless. What’s important is that Billy’s intentions are sincere,” he added.

Not only did he deliver Vanessa’s coffin, Billy did the same to other corpses. For him, whoever died first, especially the ones he knew, Billy would try to escort him to his final resting place.

“So this is Gus, what I always instill when anyone is as good as possible, especially those we know. Who dies first, if we can deliver,” said Billy.

Not expecting anything, Billy only thought positively about it. According to him, if one day he is gone, maybe the relatives of the corpse will do the same to him.

“Who knows, when we deliver the body, the family of the corpse will see us and one day if we are called, for example, we will also be accompanied by the corpse’s relative, the family of the corpse, just think positive,” he said.

At the funeral of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andriansyah, Billy admitted that he was confused about how to respond to the media crew. The reason, he was in a hurry to immediately pray Friday. On the other hand, he is also mourning the loss of the couple.

However, Billy did not blame the media, because it was their job to do this. He also suggested conducting interviews with a number of other celebrities who were present at the funeral.

“This is what Gus must emphasize, when there is an event like that, but Billy doesn’t blame the media either, this is indeed their job. When someone is sad, Billy’s intention is after it’s finished, there is another business to pray Friday, want to hurry,” said Billy.

“One side is confused when we don’t respond to media friends who are afraid to think we are arrogant. -friends, others are others,’ so I hurriedly walked,” he continued.

Billy reveals that Vanessa and Bibi are a fun and cheerful couple. In fact, before that Billy never wanted to know about someone’s life. However, after the death of the couple, he also followed the story through the videos that circulated.

“This is a fun couple, it’s crazy, honestly I swear I followed it because of incidents like this, Gus. I’m actually not that curious about people’s lives. But when this happens, videos of their kindness and their antics, Their excitement, about their happiness, Billy is so following,” he said.

In closing, Gus Miftah said that Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andriansyah were good people. The reason is, the signs of a good person are that when he dies, many people will spread his various good behaviors.

“A person’s true goodness is not when he lives, but when he dies. When other people talk about the virtues of the deceased and the deceased, it is a sign that the deceased is a good person,” concluded Gus Miftah.

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The reason Billy Syahputra didn’t upload Vanessa Angel’s funeral: Okezone Celebrity

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