The report cards of the Italian singles to be released on Friday 19 November

Italian singles report cards to be released on November 19 by Fabio Fiume.

Lots of new music this weekend, ready for the radio launch and in the streaming charts. In today’s report cards, I say it immediately, Marracash is missing, however; the piece by the Lombard artist comes out late at night and I’m afraid I won’t be able to have the energy tonight to get there and give it the attention it deserves.

However, there is no shortage of big big names and as always many emerging artists or artists who have been making themselves noticed for a while.

Laila Al Habash – Gelosa

I find Laila’s project more and more interesting; it is his approach to the proposal. He manages to sing appealing things even from the radio point of view without falling into already heard, while maintaining a very international personality. Very good basses that allow her to play with the expressive planes of her songs. This works bad.
Set +

Daniele Barsanti – Gypsies

Cheerful discourse on time that passes without even realizing it, faced with an almost immature, adolescent air, which the artist is not. And then, 3 will remember it, but the incision reminded me of a song of which I remembered the performer but not the title of the song. Luckily there is the tube! It is about “Let it be” from Celeste, year 1985.

Beba – Chiara

Few songs about friendship, which perhaps paradoxically is a more difficult feeling to write about than love. Beba does it with sincerity while remaining on a modern sound path and in some ways clubbing. A little attention to that aspirated effect before each sentence, to that take a breath that if in live it is covered by the background “noises”, on record, with a clean sound, it is a bit annoying.
Be +

Franz Campi – Fragile

Possibility tanghere between the sounds and melodic lines of this piece clearly out of any promotional scheme of today. It certainly does not mean that the piece is bad of course, quite the contrary. Campi almost recites love lyrics that can be towards another person, towards the world but also towards oneself, which could inspire a two-step step under the light of the moon only. Certainly for finer palates.

Carrese – South America

Engraved in Neapolitan which gives a particular color to a heartfelt song full of atmospheres. Even the voice of ours seems to be able to walk through different shades despite not being particularly extensive, or at least, here dosed with subtraction. Absolutely interesting.

Chriss – Opposite worlds

The piece would have needed an adequate instrumentation that would follow its evolutions and explode as well. Instead everything is based only on a piano and an accompaniment made more of evocations than of real music. In the second part comes a bit from a computer that no, that’s not enough. Everything remains too focused on the voice which is a little set, unnatural.
Five =

Riccardo Clima – Berlin 89

Clearly if you couple the city of Berlin to a year such as 1989, it is clear that the Berlin Wall and its fall that closed an era immediately comes to mind. Riccardo tells this historical passage, trying to convey it on sounds that are synth 80s, but also very common among the new generations who discovered them thanks to rappers and producers.

And he compares them to this generation called to tear down other walls, those of integration. And everything works and the message arrives.

Michele Cordani – Spartacus

Spartacus is the rebel that has been written about in the history of Rome, the one who managed to give rise to a real revolt. History and deeds that have been the basis of films, successful TV series and now also of a pop rock song, with calm ways, certainly not revolutionary, very played but also reassuring. Voice of a storyteller rather than an interpreter. Final climbing as it was in the past and yet truncated while climbing. This is what I honestly did not understand.
Five 1/2

Cordio – Half apple

The search for half an apple … how much effort does it take us? Especially when you are imprisoned in a story that does not have the basis on which we would have liked to lean on. Sung with that detachment of those who are aware of not being able to be the man she dreams of, she is faced with a beautiful use of melody and also with the profession of a seasoned pop star. Cordio has the right cards to become one.
Set +

Ganoona – Temporary

The crescendo of the piece, which starts low and with almost intimate sounds and modalities and then flows into an incision with house sounds, is a right move that is however a bit thwarted by a text that instead is lost in repetition precisely in the incision, a sentence in Spanish thrown there to make fashion more than anything else and a hasty conclusion that doesn’t make much sense.
Quattro 1/2

In Art Agnese – Stop me

Good vocal attitude, even if not too recognizable; safe with power. Sounds a little overused, especially in the part of the cut where it leads to a dancefloor mode that nevertheless lets itself be remembered. Perhaps it is the right thing for those who are trying to break through the market. Catchy.
May be

Jovanotti – Boom

That Lorenzo having excellent writing is proven by the facts over time. Who also has a particular sensitivity for certain issues related to the earth, the environment and the relationship of man with the management of all this too. Finally, it is superfluous to add that both one who is united in marriage with rhythmics without ever having had winds of crisis.

Here, all this in the new single “The boom” there is. What is missing, however, is the strength that makes the song win the test of time. This song is powerful rhythmic yet it does not press, it is significant and yet it is not remembered, it will be sure a live success made of sweat and stage party, but it will hardly be a single that will impress the charts for a long time, perhaps after the first charge due to the name and the many fans he has. In conclusion! I can’t find the piece up to the great Cherubini repertoire.

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The report cards of the Italian singles to be released on Friday 19 November

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