This is the nomination for the ‘Most Male Dangdut Singer in the Heart’ for the 2021 Indonesian Dangdut Award: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Competition for the Most Male Dangdut Singer category in the Heart Indonesian Dangdut Award (ADI) this year is quite competitive. The reason is, there are seven popular dancers with viral works in them.

Who are they? Here are the interesting facts behind the seven male dancers who will compete to bring home the 2021 ADI trophy:


He was once believed to be the author of the Erie Suzan dangdut song. His work also won the 2013 MNCTV Dangdut Awards in the Most Popular Dangdut Song category. Apart from being a songwriter, Adibal also has a golden voice and is an expert as a producer.


The dangdut singer nicknamed ‘Genius of Dangdut’ from East Java has won an award as the Most Male Solo Dangdut Singer in the Heart of ADI 2019. In addition to the dangdut genre, Danang also masters various other genres, such as Pop, Jazz, keroncong, to campursari.


Denny Caknan’s name is widely known after his song The Dol viral among music lovers ambyar. Before being popular, he had done various jobs. Not only that, when he performed for the first time, he admitted that he only received a fee of Rp. 150,000.


Getting the nickname ‘star of all stars, Fildan is not only known as a swordsman. The man who has won the Asian level dangdut contest is also good at playing the guitar. This is why, he always involves playing the guitar in every appearance on stage.


The man whose real name is Alfisan Jehdueramae is from Thailand. In Indonesia, he is better known by his stage name Jirayut and won the hearts of Indonesian music lovers after participating in a singing contest. Outside the world of singing, Jirayut turned out to be good at volleyball.


Nassar’s name became known to the public after it came out as runner-up KDI 2004. This man nicknamed King Nassar was viral among K-Pop music lovers and earned the nickname Oppa Nassar Kiyowo. He even made special merchandise in the form of light stick.


The name Ndarboy Genk is widely known through the song Cloudy with no rain and Ambyar Mak Pyar. Even fans of Ndarboy Genk have a special name, friends, gloves and negligee. Even now, the song has gone viral on various social media platforms.

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The following are the complete nominations for the 2021 Indonesian Dangdut Award:

Top Categories

Most Male Dangdut Singer in the Heart

1A Adibal Sahrul

1B Danang

1C Denny Caknan

1D Fildan

1E Jirayut

1F Nassar

1G Ndarboy Genk

Most Female Dangdut Singer in the Heart

2A Ayu Ting ting

2B Evie Masamba

2C Not Nurjanah

2D Inul Daratista

2E Lesti Kejora

2F Sandrina

2G Super Mom

The Most Newcomer Dangdut Singer in the Heart

3A Anwar Bab

3B Era Syaqira

3C Gitalia

3D Haviz

3E Risa KDI

3F Wahid KDI

3G Wina Gcima

The most popular Dangdut Duo/Trio/Group in the Heart

4A Arthuria Band

4B Duo Delima

4C Guyon Waton

4D Ndx a.k.a

4E Rizki Ridho

4F Tiger Trio

4G 2Langit

The Most Heart Dangdut Collaboration

5A Abidal Sahrul feat Erie Suzan –True friends

5B Danang feat Syahiba Saufa-Ojo adoh-adoh

5C Denny Caknan feat Cak Percil – Angel

5D Denny Caknan feat Happy Asmara – Sastru

5E Esa Risty feat Wandra – Cidro

5F Nella Kharisma feat Dory Harsa – Kuat kuatan ati

5G Via Vallen feat Chevra Papinka – Last Night

Most Popdut Songs in the Heart

6A Star of Life – Happy Amara

6B Limited to this City – Vita Alvia

6C Love Story at School – Vita Alvia

6D Go Lost and Forget – Nella Kharisma

6E Breaks Or Continues – Shinta Gisul

6F Missing Missing Missing Her – Mala Agatha

6G Enchanted – Happy Romance

Most Dangdut Song in the Heart

7A Past Wind – Danang

7B Take Me to the Penghulu – Lesti Kejora

7C After Drinking What- Sandrina

7D Last Night – Via Vallen feat Chevra Papinka

7E Tatitut – Ayu Ting Ting

7F Glutinous Tape – Wina Gacima

7G Wes Tatas – Happy Asmara

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Voting has been open since November 8 and voting is valid until November 23, 2021. Watch the 2021 Indonesian Dangdut Anugerah which is broadcast by MNCTV from Studio RCTI+, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, on November 24, 2021, at 19.30 WIB.*

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This is the nomination for the ‘Most Male Dangdut Singer in the Heart’ for the 2021 Indonesian Dangdut Award: Okezone Celebrity

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