Watch the 32nd Anniversary of MNC Group, There is a Star of Love Association to IPA & IPS : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– MNC Group will celebrate its 32nd anniversary lively on its peak night on November 6, 2021 with the theme “Celebrate A Brighter Future”. A number of well-known celebrities from various MNC Group’s best programs will be present on the night of the celebration.

The MNC Group’s 32nd anniversary celebration will be hosted by Robby Purba and Libra Akila, and will be enlivened by several of MNC Group’s best drama screen collaboration performances, namely the soap opera actors Ikatan Cinta, Kuraih Bintang, IPA & IPS, Amanah Wali 5, Putri for Prince , Pengkolan motorcycle taxi drivers, and the world is upside down.


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“Of course it will be very nice to be able to appear on the peak night of MNC Group’s 32nd anniversary celebration to collaborate with colleagues from other soap operas. Of course I will later present a performance that entertains all MNC Group television viewers. My hope, hopefully in the future MNC Group continues to grow,” said Darren Rafid, the actor of Ucup in the soap opera Kuraih Bintang which aired on MNC TV.

In addition, the role of Elsa in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta who was present on RCTI, felt that she couldn’t wait to appear on the night of the 32nd Anniversary celebration of MNC Group. “Definitely curious what I will show later. But it will definitely be fun and exciting. I wish MNC Group a happy 32nd birthday. Hopefully it will continue to progress,” said Glenca Chysara.

“We have practiced with a fairly limited time. But we are all sure we can give our best on the eve of the peak of MNC Group’s 32nd anniversary later. Happy birthday to MNC Group!” said Arbani Yasiz who plays Rifki in the IPA & IPS soap opera that airs on GTV.

The night of the celebration will be even more interesting with the presence of collaborations of well-known artists who have graduated from the singing talent search program owned by MNC Group. Those who will collaborate are Rimar Callista, Novia Bachmid, Melisa Hart, Kaleb and Anneth Delliecia.

In addition, the audience will also be entertained by the presence of Lord Adi who is an alumnus of MasterChef Indonesia, where he was viral thanks to his funny quotes and figures, as well as Happy Asmara and Bagus “Guyon Waton”. Then there will also be the thrill of the magician Bow Vernon attraction who will play with Ikatan Cinta players, Amanda Manopo and Glenca Chysara.

Entering the age of 32 this year, MNC Group hopes to be able to produce the best works that lead to a better future. Watch MNC Group 32 Anniversary Celebration, Saturday, November 6, 2021, at 18.00 WIB, directly from Studio RCTI+, the most advanced studio in Asia. In addition, the MNC Group 32 Anniversary Celebration can also be watched on the RCTI+ application or on

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Watch the 32nd Anniversary of MNC Group, There is a Star of Love Association to IPA & IPS : Okezone Celebrity

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