X Factor 2021, fifth live: Nika Paris and Le Endrigo eliminated. Next Thursday the semifinal

X Factor 2021, fifth live: Nika Paris and Le Endrigo eliminated. Next Thursday the semifinal. Hell Raton, Mika ed Emma they remain with only one competitor: Baltimore, Fellow and gIANMARIA. Alone Manuel Agnelli he remains with two members of his roster: Bengala Fire and Erio.

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00.13 The live broadcast of the fifth live ends here. Appointment next Thursday with the semifinal of XFactor 2021 as always on Leggo.it. Thanks for joining us.

00.02 Mika eliminates Baltimore, Manuelito Nika, Manuel Agnelli eliminates Nika, Emma has the last word, eliminates Nika

00.00 Nika Paris cannot perform live because she is a minor and we have passed midnight, so the word passes immediately to the judges

23.59 The candidates for the ballot are Nika and Baltimore

23.58 The singers who go to the semifinal next week are: Fellow, gIANMARIA, Erio and the Bengala Fire

23.48 Round ended

23.45 Manuelito: «Bravo, you made me like Coldpaly». Agnelli: «Fellow you sing very well when you push, I didn’t like you in the part of the verse, you have to work harder. You have a gift from God which is your voice, do not be satisfied ». Emma “I think this is her size.” Mika “I love you, thank you”

11.42pm Fellow sings “The Scientist” – one of Coldplay’s great classics

23.39 Emma: “I am happy to have saved you last week, I am a person before being a heart and alive with emotions”, Mika: “beautiful, because even the orchestra was not composed of elements but it was a unique sound with you in the center”. Hell Raton: «Beautiful, magical, overwhelming». Agnelli: “I think you’ve found yourself, when you find these things you make me look like shit as I had announced and for this I thank you”

23.35 Erio performs on the notes of “Bird Guhl” by Antony and the Johnsons

23.31 Hell Raton: «God Job», Manuel: «You are very good and amazing for your age, but you have to put something of your own when you do a cover». Emma: “I found you right, you have a good focus on who you are and that you know your limits.” Mika: «It’s a beautiful thing to see, it took a 16-year-old girl to see the orchestra singing. You are THE manifesto of Generation Z “

23.28 Nika Paris sings “Don’t Start Now”, Dua Lipa’s mega hit at the end of 2019

23.25 Mika: “A particularly touching performance, you are lucky because you are able to recite the text and cause emotion”. Manuelito: «Every time you challenge yourself by choosing Italian giants, bravo», Agnelli: «The path you are taking is beautiful, you are not arrogant, you are convinced of what you are doing». Emma: “You have never made a copy and paste of the covers, you are doing it well and it does you honor”

23.22 gIANMARIA sings “Rimmel” by Francesco De Gregori

23.19 Emma: «Wonderful arrangements» Mika: «I liked it, it was a fair tribute to them, not a cover band». Hell Raton “Excellent choice, you are this eye not to be too excessive.” Manuel Agnelli “I like it because excess is lacking here and we need it”

11.15 pm Bengala Fire bring Blur’s iconic “Girls & Boys”

11.11 Manuel: “I’m happy you try new things, I didn’t find it in focus with you.” Emma: “I found it very right.” Mika: «The arrangement was beautiful, you sang very well, but honestly there was nothing extraordinary». Hell: “He is so composed, polite, I’m glad you were able to enjoy this experience”

23.08 Baltimore starts with “Stay” by the Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber

23.07 the second heat provides singers accompanied by a special “Synth Orchestra”, composed of strings and synthesizers – on iconic pieces of the various generations

23.06 Ludovico’s monologue on Generation Z

22.55 Mika eliminates Endrigo, Emma Fellow, Manuel Agnelli eliminates Le Endrigo, Hell Raton Le Endrigo. Fellow passes the turn

22.54 Ballot between Le Endrigo and Fellow

22.52 They pass the turn: gIANMARIA, Erio, Bengala Fire, Baltimore, Nika

22.51 It is time for the first elimination

22.41 Ed Sheeran returns to the stage with a nice surprise, with him is the winner of the last edition Casadilego

22.39 Thus ends the first heat

10:36 PM Emma: “Better the unreleased cover”. Mika: «Last week you were a lot of cover bands, but the difference with today is huge». Hell: «Really good». Manuel: “You grew up at a crazy speed, well done”

X Factor 2021, Emma against violence against women: “Let’s make sure it’s not just a day”

22.31 Bengala Fire take the stage with “Amaro Mio”, of which the same band signs lyrics and music

22.26 Mika: «I like you a lot, for me there is one thing that has destabilized me. It takes a lot of work to lose control without losing it, tonight you lost it, and you are so precise that those moments have destabilized me ». Hell Raton agrees with Mika. Agnelli: «I totally like this lack of control». Emma: “He physically interpreted what he wrote, the art is also in perfection but in this case there was above all truth”

22.24 gIANMARIA presents “Senza Saliva”, of which he wrote the text

22.19 Hell “I’m glad it’s your unpublished you are made to do this.” Agnelli: «I agree» Emma: I saw you happy and happy to have your say and you did it very well, so well done ». Mika: “you fought to sing this song and you were right”

22.14 Nika Paris will bring for the first time “No Limit”, whose lyrics and music he signs, an invitation to live a free life, strengthened by his 16 years and his truths “

10:10 Emma: «It is difficult not to be swallowed up by Giuliano Sangiorgi’s pen, but I heard the main part from you. Head held high because you are here you have a great talent ». Mika: «The piece is beautiful, Erio you are particular and it is not a complinsult, and your difference is your strength». Hell Raton: “Every week only nice words are spent for you, as a person who values ​​I just want to tell you not to be afraid.” Agnelli: “It takes guts to remain yourself during and after this journey, it takes guts and you have it”

22.05 Erio will perform with “Fegato”, written by Giuliano Sangiorgi; is a piece built on a musical storytelling complementary to the text, through a crescendo full of dynamic variations and rhythmic doublings that accentuate the emotional nuances

21.59 Agnelli: «You are one of the most focused competitors here, but you didn’t make me fall off my chair tonight. It’s a piece that puts you to the test and I like it ». Emma: «A great exercise in style, I think you are a great producer and I hope one day to do something with you, tonight you risked a lot and I found you absolutely right». Mika: «The risks are important, but this is the first time I’ve seen more of the producer and less of the artist, you have to find the right balance». Hell: «There is a giant balance, believe me, I have been enchanted by his pen since day 1. Finding balance is a recipe that the doctor can recommend but you can not follow, this at the age of 20 is a great piece”

21.53 Baltimora will propose “BALTIMORA”, a piece – with the same title as his stage name – in which Edoardo Spinsante decides to get naked and share an important piece of his life

21.52 Message against violence against women, remember the number: “1522”

21.41 Mika: «I didn’t find the emotional impact of the text». Hell: “Less parac * the more Endrigo, I like it.” Agnelli: «You are better with unreleased songs than with covers». Emma: “not looking like anyone can give the idea of ​​research, but you are these”

21.37 The Endrigo sing “PANIC”. After “Things Bigger Than You”, their manifesto against toxic masculinity, they carry a clear and direct message for those suffering from panic attacks

21.32 Manuelito: “You are in the right place and in the right hands.” Agnelli: «Sung and written very well, it’s a very Sanremo song and also win X Factor». Emma: “I’m really happy for you.” Mika: “Your voice is crazy, you sing with enormous precision”

21.27 To open the Fellow competition with “Don’t Let Me Go”, a hymn to memory, to the inexorable flow of time and to the evocative and ephemeral nature of memories

21.26 In the first heat of X Factor 2021, each singer will present their new original song, the second after the one with which they showed themselves to the public during the first Live

21.19 We are here to open the fifth live Ed Sheeran. The singer-songwriter arrives X Factor 2021 in the midst of the overwhelming success of his new album “=” which, in less than a week from its release, has collected over 1 billion streams. Numbers that confirm the breaking of all records by the global super star: 52 million albums sold and 150 million singles, many awards including 4 Grammys, 6 BRIT Awards and the “No.1 Artist of the Decade” award for the greater number of numbers 1, between singles and albums, from 2010 to 2019 in the UK. In 2019 the colossal two-year tour of “DIVIDE” is the most watched tour of all time, in Italy it boasts 1 Diamond disc, 69 Platinum discs and 13 Gold Discs, his album “÷” has been running for over 244 weeks present in the official Fimi / Gfk ranking and has just obtained the certification of 7 Platinum Discs. Over the course of the evening, Ed Sheeran will perform at two different moments with an amazing and spectacular set created exclusively for the # XF2021 stage.

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There are only two episodes to go to the final of X Factor 2021 and for the judges Emma, ​​Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli, Mika, it will be an evening without a moment’s respite: two heats, two eliminations. Super host of the fifth live Ed Sheeran.

Hell Raton arrives at this week’s appointment with only one competitor in the race, Baltimore, while the others each bring two members of their roster with them: gIANMARIA and Le Endrigo for Emma; Bengala Fire and Erio for Manuel; Fellow and Nika Paris for Mika.

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X Factor 2021, fifth live: Nika Paris and Le Endrigo eliminated. Next Thursday the semifinal

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