X Factor 2021, fifth live: super guest Ed Sheeran. Here are all the assignments

X Factor 2021, fifth live: super guest Ed Sheeran. Here are all the assignments. Thursday 25 November at 9.15 pm on Sky and streaming on NOW will be a decisive appointment for a race that is approaching its final stages. Two heats, each of which will lead to an elimination, which will shape the group of 5 semifinalists of this edition.

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For the judges Emma, ​​Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli, Mika, will be an evening – led, as always, by Ludovico Tersigni – without a moment’s respite. Hell Raton arrives at this week’s appointment with only one competitor in the race, Baltimore, while the others each bring two members of their roster with them: gIANMARIA and Le Endrigo for Emma; Bengala Fire and Erio for Manuel; Fellow and Nika Paris for Mika.

In the first heat of X Factor 2021, each of them will present their own new original song, the second after the one with which they showed themselves to the public during the first Live.

– Baltimora will propose “BALTIMORA”, a piece – with the same title as his stage name – in which Edoardo Spinsante decides to get naked and share an important piece of his life (the text is from Baltimore as well as the production, for which was joined by Sixpm and Jacopo Volpe);

– Bengala Fire will go on stage with “Amaro Mio”, of which the same band signs lyrics and music and for whose production Manuel Agnelli, Rodrigo D’Erasmo and Tommaso Colliva have worked; the band shows no signs of stopping, heading straight for the rock ‘n roll that explodes loudly in this single, with the title in Italian but text in English;

– Erio will perform with “Fegato”, signed by Giuliano Sangiorgi for text and music, while the production is curated by Erio himself with Manuel Agnelli, Rodrigo D’Erasmo, Tommaso Colliva and Vanni Antonicelli; it is a piece built on a musical storytelling complementary to the text, through a crescendo rich in dynamic variations and rhythmic doublings that accentuate the emotional nuances;

– “Non Farmi Goare” will be the new piece by Fellow, whose text is by Federico Castello himself together with Gareth Owen, Andrea Bonomo, whose music is by Gareth Owen, Ricci Riccardi and Luca Chiaravalli and whose production is entrusted to Michele Canova Iorfida and Jaime Estalella. “Don’t Let Me Go” is a hymn to memory, to the inexorable flow of time and to the evocative and ephemeral nature of memories;

– gIANMARIA will present “Senza Saliva”, of which he wrote the text, while the music is curated by Gianmarco Manilardi and Vincenzo Boccato and the production by Movimento and gmjf: two and a half minutes of rhythm, where everything happens quickly and in which gIANMARIA demonstrates once again to have full awareness of his pen and his music;

– for Le Endrigo it will be an opportunity to listen to “PANICO”, ​​for which text and music bear the signature of 3 of the 4 members of the band (Gabriele Tura, Matteo Tura, Ludovico Gandellini) and instead the production is made by Frenetik & Orang3. After “Things Bigger Than You”, their manifesto against toxic masculinity, they carry a clear and direct message towards those suffering from panic attacks;

– Nika Paris will bring for the first time “No Limit”, of which he signs the lyrics and the music, for the latter accompanied by Dariana Koumanova, Elya Zambolin, while the production is by Nicolò Fragile. “No Limit” is a fresh, rhythmic song, full of catchy and captivating sounds: Nika Paris’s carefree invitation to live a free life, strong in her 16 years and her truths.

At the end of the first heat, the two who have collected the fewest votes from the public will be called to submit to the judgment of the judges from which the first eliminated of the evening will emerge.


The six remaining singers will then be protagonists of the second heat, this time dealing with covers chosen for each of them by their own judge. The run, in collaboration with Samsung Electronics Italia, Main Partner of # XF2021, will be titled “Generation Z” and will open with a clip that will present the various generational definitions (from boomers to Generation X, from millennials to GenZ, in fact). Afterwards, the competition will include performances – accompanied by a special “Synth Orchestra”, composed of strings and synthesizers – on iconic pieces of the various generations.

And so, Emma chose “Rimmel” by Francesco De Gregori for gIANMARIA, to continue her journey among the great Italian songwriters; and “Karma Police”, Radiohead’s symbolic song par excellence, for Le Endrigo. Hell Raton awarded Baltimore “Stay” by the Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber, a very current song that the young singer is called to bring into his world. Manuel Agnelli indicated for his two hits: the iconic “Girls & Boys” by Blur for Bengala Fire and the intense “Bird Guhl” by Antony and the Johnsons for Erio. Mika, on the other hand, delivered “The Scientist” – one of Coldplay’s great classics, dating back to 2002 – in the hands and voice of Fellow and “Don’t Start Now”, Dua Lipa’s mega hit at the end of 2019, in those by Nika Paris.

Once again, the last two in the televoting standings will go before the judges to identify the second eliminated of the fifth Live Show.

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X Factor 2021, fifth live: super guest Ed Sheeran. Here are all the assignments

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